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In a City Garden

In a City Garden (IvanAK)
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On The Hills of Mandschur

On The Hills of Mandschur (Voot)
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09.01.2014 21:41
Digitizing of remaining pre-revolutionary periodicals
Dear friends, since this year we decided to change the order of digitizing of the only remaining magazine "The Gramophone World" and instead of the previously planned 1912 immediately jump to 1914.
» Read the whole story ...
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Tender embraces forgotten (  ), gypsy romance
Tender embraces forgotten ... new(Zonofon)
International Zonophone
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Operette The Merry Widow: Arrive song of Danilo (  ), operetta
Operette The Merry Widow: ... new(TheThirdPartyFiles)
Noginsk Plant
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Operetta The Geisha: Song about a Golden Fish (   )
Operetta The Geisha: Song ... new(Zonofon)
Noginsk Plant
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Song of the People´s Army (인민군의 노래)
Song of the People´s Army ... new(bernikov)
Songs of the IIIrd World Festival of Youth and ...
Comments: 2


Idyll (), waltz
Idyll (), waltz new(Zonofon)
International Zonophone
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