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Artistotipia (76)
Artistotipia was a "prestigious" phonograph records label originally manufactured by the Berlin gramophone society International Extra Record, and later by Kiev factory "Extraphone". The first records appeared in 1909. It was extremely interesting family that included popular performers from gypsy and romance singers up to opera prima donnas and outstanding Ukrainian singers of that time.... [more]
Beka-Record (250)
Beka Records was a record label based in Germany, active from about 1903 to 1925. Before the Great War Beka also made gramophone records for the United Kingdom and Russian markets under the Beka-Grand-Record label. Russian repertoir of the company was vast; according to A.Zhelezny the first records were made as early as 1905 (1906 according to P.Grunberg). Beka often sold their Russian matrixes to another gramophone companies. After the Great War broke out in 1914 it stopped... [more]
Gramophone Co. (3000) new
The histories of this company as well as the history of the invention of gramophone record and gramophone itself are inseparably related to the name of talented inventor, engineer and businessman Emile Berliner. In 1893 Berliner had formed the United States Gramophone Company that located at 1410 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.. This company offered the first seven inches disc records in November 1894 on the Berliner Gramophone label. After various mergers, divisions, lawsuits, and injunctions,... [more]
Zonophone (1726)
Zonophone, early on also rendered as Zon-O-Phone was a record label founded in 1899 in Camden, New Jersey by Frank Seaman. The Zonophone name was not that of the company, but was applied to the records and machines sold by Seaman from 1899-1900 to 1903.

Seaman had worked for Emile Berliner's Berliner Gramophone. Seaman decided to start his own company to produce disc records and disc phonographs. Seaman's Zon-O-Phone records... [more]
Columbia Record (1403)
The dates of early Russain recordings: [2]

35001 - 35478 (1903)
* no activity * (1904)
* no activity * (1905)
35479 - 35680 (1906)
36001 - 36820 (1907)

Featured articles:
... [more]
Lyrophon (138)
The exact date of appearance Lyrophon in Russia is to difficultl to establish, but it is known, that the representative of the company in Russia was somebody J.M.Joelson. It looks like Lyrophon had two large recording sessions: the first one as soon as 1905, the second one circa 1910. They made very interesting recordings of artist of Imperator Mariinsk Opera N.A.Bolshakov (tenor) performing arias from Pagliacci Leoncavallo and Pique Dame Tschaikowsky operas, recordings of K.G.Van-Brin... [more]
Metropol-Record (208)
The history of this label begins in August, 1910 when three German businessmen Gottlieb (Bogdan) Moll, Albert Vogt and August Kybarth founded on the Aprelevka station of the Moscow-Kiev railway road the first in Russia records pressing plant for manufacturing shellac mass for gramophone records as well as pressing records taking orders from others gramophone companies. Soon after, the factory started manufacturing its own original records... [more]
Odeon-Record (334)
Label Odeon was created under the aegis of the International Talking Machine Company, located on 24 Lehderstrasse, Berlin. It was founded in 1903 by Max Strauss and Heinrich Zunz with financial support from Frederick M. Prescott, who just quit the job of the head of European Zon-O-Phone branch. It was named after a famous theatre in Paris, whose classical dome is represented on the Odeon record label. The company has quickly drawn general attention by its double-sided phonograph records... [more]
Homokord (254)
The gramophone records Homokord (after 1923 some labels say also Homocord) were manufactured by German company Homophon Company GmbH established in 1905. The company headquarters was located at Alexandrienstrasse in the part of city of Berlin known as Kreuzberg.

In the beginning they supposed, that Homokord will be able to establish itself on the Russian market, they even planned to open a branch in the Polish city of Kalisz. However, ill choices... [more]
Pathé Record (1083)
Pathé was founded by brothers Charles & Émile Pathé, who were owners of a successful bistro in Paris. About 1890 they saw an Edison phonograph demonstrated at a fair and, captivated by the device, arranged to lease one as an attraction at their bistro. The early phonograph soon brought so many curious people to the Pathé establishment that lines formed to listen to it. Some even asked about purchasing phonographs for themselves. The brothers decided that, rather than give more business to Edison,... [more]
RAOG=Russian Stockholders Company of Grammophone (464)
In 1901 when gramophones were only about to became fashionable, the soloist of Imperial theatres N.N.Figner called the recording of voices on phonograph records as "profanation of art", and solemnly declared, that he will never sing for a "mouthpiece". But it is difficult to resist a temptation! In two years phonograph records with his voice were sold all across the Russia, bringing the actor considerable income. And in ten years N.N.Figner headed the Russian Joint-stock Company of Gramophones (RAOG)... [more]
Syrena Record (1171)
Around the years of 1908 1909 records with the Syrena-Record label had become more and more frequently seen on the shelves of Russian record stores. They immediately started attracting customers just like Homers seductive and sweet voiced beauties depicted on the record companys label. Competing record labels took notice. The most savvy of them had realized that this was not just another one-day wonder dressed up with a fancy name that used to grew like mushrooms at that time, but a solid enterprise that... [more]
Stella Record (282)
Stella Record label was used by German company Schallplatten-Vertrieb GmbH. The headquarters and the plant located in Berlin. It had one more factory in Warsaw that was dedicated for pressing phonograph records solely with Russian repertoire. The company began Russian recordings only in 1913, but earlier it pressed Russian records from Homokord and Anker-Record matrices. After the outbreak of WWI the company halted all its operations in Russia... [more]
Favorite Record (1208)
Company Schallplatten-Favorite GmbH (shortly Favorite Record) was founded in Hannover in the beginning of 1904. The first owners were Otto Multhaupt and Fritz Kindermann.

For the very first time Favorite Record was mentioned in Russian media as early as 1905 inLight and Sound magazine. In the next year The Gramophone and Photography magazine informs that for Favorite Record in Berlin work former engineers from... [more]
Fonotipia (34)
"Fonotipia" is the nickname of an Italian company with the long-winded moniker of Società Italiana di Fonotipia Milano. This concern was founded in Milan in 1904 as a branch of the Lindstrom Phonograph Company of Berlin, which had Odeon as its main label. Fonotipia also had an office in Paris where it recorded French artists, issuing most of the results on Odeon rather than Fonotipia. The Fonotipia Company changed hands countless times, but managed to stay in business until 1948, although its defining... [more]
Extraphone (247)
"At the beginning of the last century along with Petersburg, Moscow, Riga and Warsaw, the fifth gramophone Capital of the Russian empire was Kiev. The branch of the Berlin company International Extra Record started to operate there in 1909. Originally, Germans performed their operations on the shores of Neva River via The Trading House Guess, but serious Capital's rivals had forced them to search for other markets and partners. The choice had fallen on Ukraine the land, rich in musical traditions and bright talents"... [more]

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