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American Record (1)
This is a shaped pasteover label, using the original Clausophon catalog number
Victory Gramophone Record (1)
Leonard Joseph Blum, , . 1911 - 1914 Kalliope Stella-Grammophone-Record, Victory Record Diploma Record. "RECORDED IN LONDON ( ENGLAND), PRESSED IN SAXONY ( DRESDEN)", , , ... [more]
The Gramophone Co. Ltd (pasteover) (1)
It is apparent that the new label is pasted over the original HMV. Its unclear why it should be done, especially if take into account the fact that the new label indicates the same company as the original one. Most likely it is related to some lawsuits because the new label has the following disclaimer: This record may not be placed on sale until the question of copyright has been investigated and all necessary permissions obtained.
Cassels & Co. (1)
According to Dr. Howard Friedman , the overprint was placed on this disc to permit its sale in South America.
Liberty Music Shops (4)
The new label is pasted over original Victor label.
National Record (6)
There is little information about this label. The only reference I found in A.Tikhonov article The Unknown Centennial War. Part 2. (Russian). Following is the quote:

Soon Masels rivals appeared, and they acted in exactly the same way as himself. Once Masel became furious because so called firms International Extra Records and National Records faster than him issued piratical records that Tonophone was about to. Masel thrown on the floor... [more]
New Imperial Record (33)
"In the April of 1912 on the Russian Gramophone market appeared records with unknown before label New Imperial Record. They had a very unusual label design: the upper part was scarlet with a lyre picture and a black inscription New Imperial Record, while the lower part was green. After close inspection of those records, one could promptly realize that in reality they were Syrena Grand Record records with scarlet stickers applied to the upper portion of their labels"... [more]
Record (1)
. , ( BRILLANT-SPECIAL) 30- 40- (Otto Stahmann). , BRILLANT-SPECIAL 1937 , .... [more]
Russian Peoples Gramophone (4)
Records with such label were manufactured in 1916 by the Aprelevkas factory of RAOG company under a special order of the Skobelevskij Committee of Aid to Wounded and Sick Soldiers. They used existing matrixes of Metropol Record company that built and owned the factory before WWI... [more]
Simfonia Record (21)
There is no information about this label. It looks like it is pasteover on a black RAOG label.
Special Record (2)
The new label is pasted over original HMV label. The inscription is: "By special appointment to His Majesty The King of Spain. Alfred Imhof Ltd., 110 New Oxford st., London W.C. 1"
Disco "El Uruguayo" (2)
The label is pasted over original Favorite Record label.
Era Grand Record (2)
The new label is pasted over original Beka Record label. The records were targeted for South America.
Gramola (pasteover) (2)
The new label is pasted over original HMV label. The records were targeted for Czechoslovakia.
Chanson damour (  ), romance (dima)
Chanson damour ( ... (dima)
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Tango Magnolia ( ) (dima)
Tango Magnolia ( ) (dima)
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