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4in1 (1)
BBC (2)
Chappell (4)
The Joint Broadcasing Committee (4)
(Joint Broadcasting Committee), " , - " ("an obscure body created by MI6s espionage and propaganda wing", Simon J. Potter), 19391941 . , , ... [more]
Broadcast (1)
The Winner (1)
Decca (UK) (15)
Nicole Record (2)
Nicole Records label was issued by Nicole Frères located in London. It specialized in producing of cardboard records with a thin layer of celluloid which acts as the recording medium. This technology was developed by the company in 1903 and successfully used not only for producing own records, but also for supplying the recording medium to other companies like Polyphon Musikwerke, Symphonion AG and Popper and Co. The weakness of this technology was lesser durability of the records comparing to the traditional shellac... [more]
Simcha (6)
There is no available information about this label. The word "simcha" means "happiness" in Hebrew
John Bull Record (1)
The British label of the German gramophone company "Beka Record", used from 1909 to 1913.
Duophone (2)
Imperial (UK) (1)
Historic Masters (14)
Historic Masters are later reprints from the original masters of Gramophone Company on noiseless vinyl. This apparently makes them the best ever possible originals. One more merit of these records is indication of true speed of the recording that, as it is now quite clear, considerably deviates from the nominal 78 RPM.
Crown (UK) (2)
Popular (2)
Popular was one of labels belonging to Sound Recording Company (Swallow Street, Piccadilly, London), in use between 1913 and 1923. There was one catalogue series, with numbers from P-1 to more than P-1200. Many records were re-issues of what had been previously published under label Grammavox (1910-1915) of the same company using different series and catalogue numbers. Records themselves were pressed in England by Crystalate. For more info and catalogs, see and
Regal (6)
Made in England
by Columbia Grammophone Co. Ltd.
Regal Zonophone (2)
Label example from Bill Dean-Myatt collection
London (2)
Melodia (UK) (2)
"Melodia Records (MiR)" - a label with almost no reliable information (even its location is doubtful: United Kingdom or Australia?). We only know that it has released two 78 rpms of a Polish Australian artist Andrzej Jędrzejowski (1923-2009), who also has been recorded on Australian labels Carinia and Selecton. Maybe British EPs with logo "Melody and Rhythm (MAR) Rec. Co. Ltd." (also of Australian Polish repertoire) belong to the same company.
--Mike G. Jurkevich
Metropole (UK) (1)
Neophone (0)
Article on "The 78rpm Record Home Page":
Oriole (5)
Panachord (2)
Piccadilly (2)
Label example from Bill Dean-Myatt collection
Polonia (UK) (8)
"Polonia" (also referred to as "Orbis-Polonia") - recording label of Polish emigre company Orbis (founded in London in 1944, specializing mostly on publishing and selling Polish books). Most of Polonia records are 78 rpms: initially made using masters from "Melodia Record" (USA) (a green-and-golden series, with catalogue numbers from M-1 to at least M-10), later own recordings of emigre Polish artists (the main green-and-golden series, catalogue numbers from 101 up to at least 234; the red-and-golden series of Polish Christmas carols etc.... [more]
Topic (2)
Label of Worker's Music Association, London

Label example from Bill Dean-Myatt collection
Edison Bell (UK) (10)
Elephone Records (2)
The Elephone Records we produced by the Universal Talking Machine Co., Ltd., London. The company was formed on November 07, 1907 [1] targeting Indian Gramophone market. The label name Elephone is a combination of the first letters from the word Elephant and the last letters from the word Gramophone. Also, there is the image of an elephant with two gramophone horns instead of tusks on the label. The Company started sales in India on May 12, 1908 and offered records in... [more]
Echo (GB) (4)

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