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The small Petersburg factory "Zwukopis", was engaged in recording and manufacturing of phonograph records, and acted on Russian Grammophone market from 1911 to 1913. The company was owned by businessmen I.Mazel and S.Zhitlovsky; the main office located on 13 Voznesenski pr., St.-Petersburg. Originally they plan to name it Svetopis, the corresponding announce appeared in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine in 1911, however it is unknown if any records were ever issued under this label. The first Zwukopis records appeared on the market in 1911. They had very unusual and attractive square shape labels. Thanks to their high quality, as well as successful selection of the repertoire, the label instantaneously won popularity. All recordings were made by skilled recordist F.Krechmer. However the competition with more powerful gramophone companies was so tough, that Zwukopis began gradually giving in. Popular actors preferred to record in more solid companies where they often were asked to sign exclusive contracts. As a result, the repertoire of Zwukopis grew scarce, serious disagreements raised in the company's administration. One by one left the company S.Zhitlovsky, then F.Krechmer, without whom the quality of new recordings had sharply worsened. In a short time Zwukopis label joined the Association of United Manufacturers and its independent existence had came to the end.

Featured Article:

A.Zhelezny. The Chronicle of the phonograph Comapny ZVUKOPIS in Russia 1910 1916. (In Russian)


1. P.Grunberg. The History of Gramophone in Russia., p. 168
2. A.Zheleznyj. Our Friend a Record., p. 68

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Zwukopis (rhombus-shape) (12)
Zwukopis (round-shape) (21)
Zwukopis (plate) (23)
Zwucopis Record (3)
National Zwucopis Company
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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
[xRef Nos]
RussianBrass Band
Pompadour (), march
Band of the Life Guards of the 2nd Regiment of the Tsarskoye Selo, acc. orchestra, Conductor August NilenderNational Record (round-shape)1330
Serenade () (Franz Drdla)
Jascha Heifetz, acc. piano~1911National Record (square)2003
Zwukopis (rhombus-shape)
Memory () (Franz Drdla)
Jascha Heifetz, acc. piano~1911National Record (square)2004
Zwukopis (rhombus-shape)
RussianCornet Solo
Have Pity on Me ( ), gypsy romance (Nikolay Bakaleinikov)
A.V. Lemos, acc. pianoZwukopis (rhombus-shape)
RussianCornet Solo
Do Not Slander Me, My Dear ( , ), romance (Alexander Dubuck)
A.V. Lemos, acc. pianoZwukopis (rhombus-shape)
A Cossack Rided Over the Danube ( ), folk song
Harmony Orchestra "Accordion"1910Zwukopis
The Seagull (), romance (E.Zhurakovsky, lyrics by Elena Bulanina)
Katyusha Sorokina (Yekaterina Sorokina)Zwukopis (rhombus-shape)7003
(54 NxRt)
Go Away! (), gypsy romance (A.D.Davydov)
Katyusha Sorokina (Yekaterina Sorokina)Zwukopis (rhombus-shape)7004
(53 NxRt)
RussianMixed choir
a) Christ is Risen b) Let God Arise () ) ), prayer (Dmitry Bortniansky)
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3201
Zwukopis (round-shape)
RussianChurch Choir
Angel Cried ( ), prayer
Church Choir of A.A. Arkhangelsky, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3202
Melodia Record9045
RussianMixed choir
Cherubic Hymn No. 7 ( 7), prayer (Dmitry Bortniansky)
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3205
RussianMixed choir
Grace of the world ( ), prayer
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3206
The Creed (), prayer
Choir of A. A. Arkhangelsky, Conductor Alexander Arkhangelsky, Solo by A. SoukhovolskySt.-PetersburgZwukopis (plate)
RussianMixed choir
On this day the Virgin ( ), prayer (Dmitry Bortniansky)
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3215
RussianMixed choir
a) Christmas day is Thine, o Christ our God; b) Christ is born () ; ) ), church canticle
Arkhangelsky's Choir, Conductor Alexander ArkhangelskySt.-PetersburgRAOG (golden harp)3216
Tsumba, Tsumba (, ), folk song
Russian Folk Chorus, acc. orchestra, Conductor Girnyak and ShamZwukopis (plate)
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