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The history of this label begins in August, 1910 when three German businessmen Gottlieb (Bogdan) Moll, Albert Vogt and August Kybarth founded on the Aprelevka station of the Moscow-Kiev railway road the first in Russia records pressing plant for manufacturing shellac mass for gramophone records as well as pressing records taking orders from others gramophone companies. Soon after, the factory started manufacturing its own original records

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A.Tikhonov. The Jubilee of Aprelevka
The museum of forgotten things and men (in Russian)
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Metropol (black) (30)
Metropol (blue band) (120)
Metropol (diva) (6)
Luxophone Record (14)
Luxophone was the earliest label of the Aprelevka factory. The records with such label were issued by the end of 1910. Soon after, they changed the trade mark to Metropol- Record. All records issued earlier under the Luxophone label were re-issued in 1911 under Metropol- Record while bearing the same catalogue numbers. Luxophone label design is mimicry under Zonophone. Probably, at the very beginning they planned to issue piratical records, but enactment of the Copyright Law
Corona-Record (Metropol) (8)
In 1913 Partnership Shuster & Co made a contract with gramophone company Moll, Fogt and Kibart according to which the later should press 500 thousands records on the Metropol Record plant that belongs to that company. The records will have Corona Record label for distribution in Riga, Kiev, Cherson, and Orenburg provinces. This way, the records with Corona Record label are essentially the same as records with Metropol Record label
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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
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RussianBaritone with Orchestra
Opera The Queen of Spades: If would sweet girls ( , ) from Act 3 (Petr Chaikovsky, lyrics by M.I.Chaikovsky)
Mikhail Bocharov, acc. orchestraMoscowMetropol (blue band)
Italian, RussianBaritone with Orchestra
Opera Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Largo al factotum ( ) from Act 1 (Gioachino Rossini)
Mikhail Bocharov, acc. orchestraMoscowMelodia Record20266
RussianBaritone with Orchestra
Opera La Traviata: Di Provenza il mar ( ) from Act 2 (Giuseppe Verdi)
Mikhail Bocharov, acc. orchestraMoscowMelodia Record20263
Metropol (blue band), Melodia Record800b
Lullaby, my own one (, , ), romance
S.P.Sadovnikov, acc. grand pianoMoscowMetropol (blue band)
Russiancomic scene
Translation from Italian into Russian ( ), parody
Bim-Bom (Ivan Radunsky & M.Stanevsky), acc. guitarMoscowMetropol (blue band)
Russiancomic scene with guitar
Returned from the travel abroad ( ), comic scene
Bim-Bom (Ivan Radunsky & M.Stanevsky), acc. guitar, fluteMoscowMetropol (blue band)
Under the horses hoof ( ), comic scene
Bim-Bom (Ivan Radunsky & M.Stanevsky)MoscowMetropol-Record
Stroke because of the trouble ( ), comic scene
Bim-Bom (Ivan Radunsky & M.Stanevsky)MoscowMetropol-Record
Russian, FrenchBass with Piano
Opera Lakmé: Stances de Nilakantha - Lakmé, ton doux regard ( - , , ) from Act 2 (Léo Delibes)
Gregory Melnik, acc. piano~1912
Metropol (blue band)
RussianDuet with Orchestra
Operetta Gypsy Love: Sandor and Zorika duet ( ) (Franz Lehár)
A.G.Pekarskaya, P.B.Pavlovsky, acc. orchestra~1912Metropol-Record
RussianBaritone with Piano
Why are my eyes blurred with tears ( ), romance (D. Nikolaev, lyrics by E. Orlova)
Vaslily Shumsky, acc. pianoMetropol (black)
Misical Illustration for Cinema ( )
Viktor ChenkinMetropol (blue band)
Misical Illustration for Cinema ( )
Viktor ChenkinMetropol (blue band)
Russian, AmericanHarmony Orchestra
American Dance ( ), shimmy
Harmony Orchestra Varshavsky, Conductor Vasily VarshavskyLuxophone Record, Dacapo-Record(20084)
RussianHarmony Orchestra
Oyra-Oyra! (-), polka
Harmony Orchestra Varshavsky, Conductor Vasily VarshavskyLuxophone Record, Dacapo-Record(20074)
RussianComic duet
The merry vagrants ( ), comic song
E.M. Lebedev and A.I. Lebedev, acc. pianoMetropol (black)
RussianComic duet
The golden days are gone ( ), comic song
E.M. Lebedev and A.I. Lebedev, acc. pianoMetropol (blue band)
RussianComic duet
Poltava battle ( ), comic song
E.M. Lebedev and A.I. Lebedev, acc. pianoMetropol (blue band)
RussianComic duet
Small bottle (), comic song
E.M. Lebedev and A.I. Lebedev, acc. pianoMetropol (black)
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