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Label Odeon was created under the aegis of the International Talking Machine Company, located on 24 Lehderstrasse, Berlin. It was founded in 1903 by Max Strauss and Heinrich Zunz with financial support from Frederick M. Prescott, who just quit the job of the head of European Zon-O-Phone branch. It was named after a famous theatre in Paris, whose classical dome is represented on the Odeon record label. The company has quickly drawn general attention by its double-sided phonograph records at a time when other companies made exclusively single-sided records, that was the industry norm. Odeon records also had very high sound quality that was greatly appreciated by the public.

The important role in becoming Odeon a major international company played Carl Lindström who entered the picture after International purchased his small manufacturing plant. It is curious, that Lindström's genius lay in invention and production, while according to Max Stauss he was unmusical and hard of hearing. In July 1911, Carl Lindström acquired controlling interest in the International Talking Machine Company and began to expand the company aggressively, acquiring many smaller European labels in the process.

Odeon repeatedly made attempts to get on Russian market. In the beginning of 1910 Odeon sent to St.-Petersburg the most experienced Italian engineer Patetti who recorded well-known opera singer L.J.Lipkovska, actor K.A.Varlamov and operetta prima donna V.M.Shuvalova. In the following 1911 the comapy expanded its repertoir, and made much more recordings of N.A.Shevelev, A.I.Dobrovolskaya, M.I.Vavich, and etc. Later had been recorded A.M.Davydov, O.I.Kamionsky, M.V.Bocharov. However, Odeon did not play significant role in the history of Russian recording.
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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No▲
[xRef Nos]
Russian"Ey Uchnem" and various pieces
"Ej Uchnem" and other novelties June 1934 on Odeon und music records, medley
Platoff Don Cossack Choir and various other artistsOdeon-Record
New publications June 1934 of the Lindström group on Odeon and Gloria music records, medley
GermanDance Orchestra
Tango of Roses
Dajos Bela and his Orchestra, Conductor Dajos Bela (Lev Goltsman)1933...1934SovSong
Argentinian, GermanDance Orchestra with Refrain
Argentinian Rose, tango
Dajos Béla Orchestra, Conductor Dajos Béla (Leo Golzmann)Interim GPT Labels, MusTrust (electric process)2361

(Be 10515)
GermanDance Orchestra with Refrain
At the Sunny South (Fern im sonnigen Süden), tango (Heinz Frömke, Lyrics by Alfred Klabunde)
Robert Renard and his Orchestra, Conductor Robert Renard (Otto Dobrindt)28-12-1933
SovSong(Be 10515)

(Be 10609)
German, LatvianDance Orchestra
Caro mio, tango (Luigi (Jack) Cibolla)
Robert Renard and his Orchestra, Conductor Robert Renard (Otto Dobrindt)04-04-1934
Aprelevka Plant(Be 10609)
Moskvoretsky Trust (Zavod), Gramplasttrest12443
Bellaccord Electro, Gramplasttrest
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT numbering), Gramplasttrest
Leningrad Plant(Be 10609)
Tashkent Plant
Riga Plant
Moskvoretsky Trust (Zavod), Gramplasttrest12443

(Be 6036)
RussianOrchestra with Vocal
Have Pity on Me ( ), romance (Nikolay Bakaleinikov)
Russian Balalaika OrchestraBerlinSilverton (Sweden)(Be 6036)

(Be 6038)
RussianOrchestra with Vocal
Black Eyes ( ), gypsy romance ( , Lyrics by )
Russian Balalaika OrchestraBerlinSilverton (Sweden)(Be 6038)

(Be 6089)
Argentinian, GermanDance Orchestra with Refrain
Southern Nights (Veni Pebeta), tango (Joves)
Dajos Béla Orchestra, Conductor Dajos Béla (Leo Golzmann)Aprelevka Plant, MusTrust (electric process)2362
Interim GPT Labels, MusTrust (electric process)

(Ro 1234)
RussianTenor with Orchestra
The Yellow Angel ( ), tango
Alexander Vertinsky, acc. orchestra19-10-1931
Columbia (European)(Ro 1234)

(Ro 1235)
RussianTenor with Orchestra
Madam, the Leaves Are Falling (, ), song (Lyrics by Alexander Vertinsky)
Alexander Vertinsky, acc. orchestra19-10-1931
Columbia (European)(Ro 1235)
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