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Evgeni Paskudski [Hits: 6526]
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Collector of records since the 60'th. One of the organizers and active members of the Philophonists Club of Ufa (1976-1994). More than 30 years of researching the history of recordings in Russia from the first half of the 20th century. Since 1995 he lives and works in the USA.
Evgeni Paskudski. Soviet jazz discography of 1925-1960 with addition of 1961-1977 (Евгений Анатольевич Паскудский. Дискография советского джаза 1925-1960 с дополнением 1961-1977.) (paskudski)
Evgeni Paskudski. Soviet jazz ... (paskudski)
Evgeni Paskudski


Chronicle of documents of the activities of Centropechat (in Russian) (Хроника документов по деятельности Центропечати) (paskudski)
Chronicle of documents of the ... (paskudski)
Evgeni Paskudski


Addition to the chronicle of Centropechat document activities (in Russian) (Дополнение к хронике документов по деятельности Центропечати) (paskudski)
Addition to the chronicle of ... (paskudski)
Evgeni Paskudski



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