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Alexey Arshinov (2)
Алексей Иванович Аршинов родился 2 июня 1908 года в деревне Монино Калининской области, в рабочей семье. Отец, Иван Иванович работал на железной дороге, мать, Евдокия Ивановна была домашней хозяйкой.

Вскоре семья переезжает в Москву в поисках лучшей доли.

После окончания средней школы, Алексей какое то время был безработным, состоял на бирже труда... [more]
Valery Beloglazov (10)
Коллекционер-исследователь эстрады русского зарубежья первой половины ХХ века. Культуролог. Имеет два образования: инженер-радиомеханик и звукорежиссер-реставратор.
Yuri Bernikov (2)
Creator of the "World of Russian Records" website
Atis Gunivaldis Bērtiņš (3)
Atis Gunivaldis Bērtiņš
record collector since 1946
Yuri Boyarintsev (0)
Editor of the "World of Russian Records" website
Howard Friedman (0)
We came to agreement with  Dr. Howard S. Friedman  regarding translation of his book "The Collector's Guide to Gramophone Company Record Labels 1898-1925" on Russian language and publishing it on our website. Since it is a voluminous work (more than 250 pages), the translation may take quite a while, especially if it will be performed solely by the editorial staff. In order to speed up the process we are looking for help from any interested party... [more]
Gabriel Gössel (0)
 Gabriel Gössel  (November, 17 1943 – April 2, 2020) being a chemical engineer, collects records and artifacts related to the history of the recording industry in Czech Republic. He is the author of two books: “Fonogram. Practical guidebook of the history of recorded sound” and “Fonogram 2. Journey to the beginning of the recorded sounds”, author of the "FONOGRAM" column of the Czech “Týdeník Rozhlas” magazine, and host of his own radio program... [more]
Mike G. Jurkevich (1)
Alan Kelly (0)
 Alan Kelly  (June 1928 – December 2015) was recognized (by ARSC) as one of the world’s foremost discographers. He had dedicated the best part of fifty years to creating detailed discographies of the recordings produced by The Gramophone Company (whose main labels were His Master’s Voice and Zonophone), from its foundation in the United Kingdom in 1898 to its merger with the Columbia Graphophone Company to form Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) in 1931. Kelly worked for many years within the EMI... [more]
AndreyKulakov (13)
After graduation from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, he was distributed (in USSR was a system of distribution of graduated students to companies that they could not leave for 3 years and they could not be fired during this period) to the PZRD where worked as a senior foreman at the conveyor assembly of PGK; later as a technologist (task manager for programmers) at the SKB-VT. Later he was engaged in private business. Editor of the "World of Russian Records" website.
Dr. Rainer E. Lotz (12)
Dr. Rainer E. Lotz (born 1937 in Hamburg) is a German economist, mechanical engineer and lecturer in political science. As an amateur music historian he participated in TV documentations and has authored numerous liner notes, monographs, and essays on subjects such as discography (he is editor of the German National Discography 1890-1960 <>), radio history, ragtime, and jazz. Part of his collection of over 60,000 shellac records was acquired by the Library of Congress in 2009.... [more]
Nick Markovich (3)
…In everyting that’s created by Nick, there is a striking sense of authenticity – there is a special, holistic perception of pop culture of 1930th –1960th and works in this genre in music, lyrics and performance. Now, alas, it can be found very rarely...

Alexey Petukhov
George Melnikov (1)
Peter Nahon (0)
Peter Nahon researches on early European Jewish recording history. He collects records, among others, linked to Pre-revolutionary Russian Jewry. He wrote several studies and discographies about record labels. His main project now is researching into Jewish recordings in France, his homeland. We are glad to publish on an article written by him in early 2008 about one Jewish label which issued some Russian records, "Elesdisc".
Roman Pantelyus (3)
«Что-то вроде автобиографии»

Свою коллекционерскую деятельность я начал рано, в пятилетнем возрасте, когда мы каждое лето семьей ездили в деревню Бавыкино Московской области. У хозяина дома был патефон, который я и «осваивал» у него на глазах, к своей радости и к его печали, так как ронял пластинки на пол, не попадая в патефон. Из этих пластинок и началась моя коллекция советских патефонных пластинок.... [more]
Evgeni Paskudski (3)
Collector of records since the 60'th. One of the organizers and active members of the Philophonists Club of Ufa (1976-1994). More than 30 years of researching the history of recordings in Russia from the first half of the 20th century. Since 1995 he lives and works in the USA.
Vladimir Rosing (3)
Vladimir Sergeevich Rosing – the great artist, who conquered the West with the genius of his talent, but as fate willed it he remained almost unknown to his contemporaries in Russia. The greatness of Val Rosing's talent (he was known in America by this name) is proven by the fact, that Bernard Shaw considered him as the best singer of the 20th century together with F.I. Chaliapin. Besides his singing art, V.S.Rosing was known as a talented stage director, producer, and public figure. We are offering for your reading... [more]
Alexey Shcherbakov (16)
Алексей Евгеньевич Щербаков - сценарист, режиссер и оператор художественных и документальных фильмов, журналист, коллекционер.
Родился на Урале, в г. Свердловске, учился в техникуме, работал на заводе, после службы в армии поступил на режиссерский факультет ВГИКа.
Его дипломная работа - художественный фильм «Пауза» - получила первую премию за изобразительное решение на 2-м Всесоюзном фестивале телевизионных фильмов в Москве (1968 г.).... [more]
Alexander Tikhonov (12)
Alexander Tikhonov is chef expert of informational agency InterMedia, senior lecturer of "Show Business Management" department of State University of Management.

Alexander Tikhonov is author of inventions and scientific publications. He is the author of hundreds publications on history of musical business and its modern state. At different years Alexander Tikhonov cooperated with such publishers as "2M", "Business World", "Jimmy", “Audio Producer”, "Kommersant"... [more]
Wiktor Węglewicz (40)
Editor of the "World of Russian Records" website
Anatoli Zhelezhny (0)
There is probably no need to introduce Anatoli Ivanovich Zhelezny – the author of famous book Our Friend – a Record. For many collectors this book used to be, and for many people it is still the “Bible” – the desk book No.1. It was written 20 years ago, but not for one iota lost its relevance. They refer to it, they quote it, and even RGAFD (The Russian State Archive of Sound Recordings) took the book content as a foundation for the description of its pre-revolutionary funds!... [more]
Articles (2)
Alexander Fedonin. The song "KATYUSHA" in the philatelic aspect (Александр Федонин. Песня «КАТЮША» в филателистическом аспекте) (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Alexander Fedonin. The song ... (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Collectors and Authors


Alexander Fedonin. The song "KATYUSHA" on the World Wide Web (Александр Федонин. Песня "КАТЮША" во всемирной паутине) (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Alexander Fedonin. The song ... (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Collectors and Authors



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