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20th Century (2)
Ballen Record Company, Philadelphia, PA was founded by Ivin Ballen in 1946. Ivin built his own factory and studio from scratch. To keep his operation humming when his labels acts were "cold", Ivin began to take in work from other established labels, and within a few years the business had become a full-time pressing plant for third party labels. Ivin Ballen passed away in 1978. Through the next two decades, the company (now called Disc Makers) progressed through various formats such as 45 rpm vinyl singles... [more]
Achoude Arzrouni Chorus (0)
American Record (1)
This is a shaped pasteover label, using the original Clausophon catalog number
Amerpol Records (19)
Amerpol Records was a label of Amerpol Enterprises Inc., the company founded in 1947 and still active (see The records were produced until early 1960s, both 78 rps (mostly reissues) and some LPs. However number of copies was probably limited, thus all these records are hard to find now.
Amuke International (2)
New York label Amuke International belonged to brothers Olekson who were the distributors of the foreign dance music. The office located at: 159 Second ave., New York 3, N.Y.
Anonymous (USA) (2)
Apollo Records (USA) (5)
Apollo Records Inc. New York
Arka Records (USA) (22)
Owners of New York label Arka Records were Yaroslav Pastushenko and Roman Poritok. Label is distinguishable by its repertoire that consisted exclusively of recordings of Ukrainian soloists and choruses, existed at that time. The only exception is a few recordings copied from Polish label Syrena-Electro in 1934. The paper labels were of different design and color, depending on series that started with 100 (numbers approximately up to 150 belonged to Canadian branch), 200, 400, 500 and 600... [more]
Argee Records (100)
At the moment it is known only that company located on 121 Lexington Avenue, New Your, N.Y.
Asch Records (27)
Moe (Moses) Asch (1905-1986) created small recording studio in New York in 1940. In 1942 ASCH Records formed partnership with Stinson Trading Company. In overall, this relation was mutually beneficial thought not without serious problems that eventually lead Moe Asch to dissolve the partnership in 1946 and form his own DISC label.
AZZ (2)
A-Z-Z Record Co. - company of Anthony W. Zebrowski (1925-1979), "The Baron of Polkas", a famous musician and radio announcer. He broadcasted a daily program over WZAK FM radio (Cleveland, Ohio).
Bandurists Ensamble (2)
Bellaccord (USA) (26)
A Best Loved Famous Music (2)
Bluebird (5)
Bluebird Records is a sub-label of RCA Victor Records originally created in 1932 to counter the American Record Company in the "3 records for a dollar" market. Along with ARC's Perfect Records, Melotone Records and Romeo Records, and the independent US Decca label, Bluebird became one of the best selling 'cheap' labels of the 1930s and early 1940s. Wikipedia
BMP Records (2)
BO-RA (4)
Bost Records (6)
New York company
Boyan (6)
Boyan - one of labels belonged to Myron Surmach, owner of Ukrainian bookstore "Surma" in New York.
Brunswick (USA) (99)
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company was founded in 1845 in Duboque, Iowa for fortepiano manufacturing. The first, not so successful attempt of manufacturing phonograph records was undertaken in 1916. The records had vertical (Hill-and-Dale) type of recording, and probably for this reason were not in great demand. They are rarely seen at current days. The second attempt was undertaken in 1920. This time the success accompanied the firm. Phonograph records had more traditional lateral recording... [more]
Byelorussian Song (2)
Manufactured for Belorussian-American Relief Committee by RCA Victor Custom Record Department

( - RCA Victor.)
Cameo (3)
Capitol (15)
A Caravan Record (2)
Cathedral Records (2)
Cathedral Records - a label of chorus "Boyan" of St. Volodymyr's cathedral in Chicago (it belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, in jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate), see

--Mike G. Jurkevich
Chwyli Dnistra (10)
Label Chwyli Dnistra located in Cleveland, Ohio, was owned by Vasil Ilchishyn. In total there we issued less than 20 records, among them Rusnak Orchestra, Lubomir Matsyuk, Quartett Rosvaga - mostly dance music.[1]


1. Stefan Maksymjuk. From The History of Ukrainian Sound Recordings and Discography., p.202, 204
Collectors Item (2)
Colloseum (1)
Columbia Record (1919)
The dates of early Russain recordings: [2]

35001 - 35478 (1903)
* no activity * (1904)
* no activity * (1905)
35479 - 35680 (1906)
36001 - 36820 (1907)

Featured articles:
... [more]
Comet (1)
Compass (1)
It looks like Compass company did not press own records, but sold the Soviet ones in their albums.
Continental (18)
Continental Record Co. Inc. was founded by Don Gabor in 1942 in New York.

Donald Gabor was born on November 20th, 1912 in Hungary. He had studied at the Budapest Conservatory to become a radio and mechanical engineer. He came to the United States in 1938 just before World War II broke out. He began as a shipping clerk for RCA-Victor at $12 a week, but within two years he became head of Victor's foreign records department, producing song discs in 14 languages.... [more]
Dana (26)
Dana Records was founded in 1946 in New York by polish immigrant pianist, composer and singer Wladyslaw Danilowski also known as Walter Dana. Wladyslaw was born in Warsaw, Poland in April 26, 1902. He began playing piano and composing at the age of seven. In 1940 he managed to immigrate to the U.S. with his wife, stage star Niusia Nobosowna and son Gustav.

Dana Records started on reissuing Syrena-Record records, but quickly began its own recordings.... [more]
Decca (US) (68)
Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929. The name "Decca" dates back to a portable gramophone called the "Decca Dulcephone" patented in 1914 by musical instrument makers Barnett Samuel and Sons. That company was eventually renamed The Decca Gramophone Co. Ltd. and then sold to former stockbroker Edward Lewis in 1929. Within years Decca Records Ltd. was the second largest record label in the world, calling itself "The Supreme Record Company". The name "Decca" was coined by... [more]
Diamond (2)
DISC (13)
Dźwięki z Polski (8)
Everything known about this label is derived from the label content. It looks like the records were printed by Polish (Warszaw) USA (New York) joint venture enterprise of Vincent Czerwinski called Wisła Record for it held the Copyright on these records.

The records price was set to 85 cent that corresponds to the level of prices of the first decade 20th century.
Echo (USA) (2)
Peg. U. S. Pat. Off.
No. 2-41-10
Echoes of Russia (0)
Edison Diamond Record (57)
Thomas A. Edisons name is synonymous with the development of sound recording, but his foray into record producing seems eccentric nowadays. His records were ¼ thick and could only be played on specific machines. The playing speed for Diamond Discs was specified at exactly 80 revolutions per minute. The recording quality, however, despite being usually acoustic, was far superior to almost all other manufacturers. Edison gave in, eventually, and produced a few normal needle-cut electric discs, but the company ceased production soon after.
Emerson Record (8)
Emerson Phonograph Company - New York
Emvee Records (18)
The Folk Dancer (10)
The Folk Dancer
P.O. Box 201 - Flushing Long Island - New York
Fortuna Records (2)
Grey Gull (1)
Harmony (1)
Harmony Disc Record (11)
Harmony Disc Records were produced by Great Northern Mfg. Co. located on 147-153 Fifth Avenue, Chicago. The company was established in 1907, though according to the information provided on labels, the first patent was registered Dec 10, 1901. In order to avoid problems with Victor and Columbia they used oversized centre-holes. They said, that the records would only be possible to play on Harmony's own machines, though it is not a problem to play them on any standard player using special... [more]
Imperial (USA) (13)
International Record (2)
International Record Collectors Club (4)
Keynote Recordings (40)
Keynote Records (522 Fifth Avenue, New York) was founded in 1940 by Eric Bernay (nee Bernstein), a former publisher of the Marxist periodical New Masses and owner of The Music Room, a music store on 44th Street., NYC. Eric was born in Odessa, Russia in 1906 and died in New York in February 11, 1968 at the age of 62. Keynote began a small left-wing folk and jazz label, releasing Marc Blitzsteins No for an Answer, Paul Robeson, Pete Seegers Almanac Singers. ... [more]
Kiddie Land Records (2)
Kismet Record (90)
Kismet Record Co. (sometimes also written as Kismet Records or Kismet Recording Co.) was founded in 1938 in New York by Dimitri Kornienko (a musician already known by its hit "Bosporus") and his wife Anna. Initially they were producing recordings of Dimitri Kornienko's ensemble and distributing them through somebody else's stores. When Dimitri has died in 1943, the family's friends helped the widow to open her own musical store in New York (227 East 14th street) and to continue production... [more]
Krantz Records (2)
Krantz Records - a recording company from Philadelphia, PA, which was operating during late 1940s and specializing in popular music.
Kobzar (4)
Liberace (1)
A Mutual Saving Bank, Springfield, Massachusetts

Władziu Valentino Liberace (May 16, 1919 February 4, 1987), mononymously known as Liberace, was an American pianist and vocalist Wikipedia
Liberty Music Shops (3)
The new label is pasted over original Victor label.
Lyra (2)
Lyric Records (2)
Lyric Records was a record label based in the United States from about 1917 to 1921.

The parent company of Lyric Records was initially listed on the label as the Lyraphone Company of America, New York City, although actually headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Later labels reflected the actual location.

The first Lyric records were vertical-cut with an unusually narrow groove that required using steel needles... [more]
Manor (2)
Manor was a New York based label used in 1946-1950. Companion to labels Regis, Arco and Kay-Ron. For more information, see
Masterpiece (8)
Manufactured by Musicraft Corporation.
40 West 46th Street
New Your City
Melodia (USA) (13)
"Melodia Record Co." was a Chicago-based recording studio founded in 1950 by Jan Wojewódka (1919-1992), a Polish artist (founder of the ensemble "Wesoła czworka lotników") and the most famous impresario of Polish popular music in the United States. The company operated until 1980s, producing records both of emigre Polish singers and of artists of Polish People's Republic. List of its records contains about a hundred of 78 rpms and not less than sixty 12" LPs, mainly in the genre of variety songs... [more]
Melotone (1)
MGM (1)
Mir (2)
Montgomery Ward (2)
Montgomery Ward records were manufactured for the retail stores of the same name (the business existed in 18722001). They have been pressed during 19331941 by the following manufacturers:
* RCA Victor: 1933 mid-1935; 1936 May 1939; summer 1940 early 1941;
* Decca: from September 1935 to the end of the year; June 1937 May 1939;
* U. S. Record Corp. (pressing by the Scranton Record Co.): summer 1939 summer 1940;
(according to: A. Sutton & K. Nauck, "American record labels and companies. An encyclopedia", 2000, ISBN 0-9671819-0-9, pp. 131133).
Musette Publishers (2)
Music Appreciation Records (1)
Musicraft (2)
Nadsco (2)
Produced by Grey Gull from 1922 to 1926 for the department store chain National Department Store Co.
National Council of AmericanSoviet Friendship (15)
The 1930s witnessed the birth of the AmericanSoviet friendship movement which revolved around the Friends of the Soviet Union, founded in 1929. One of the major goals of the movement was for the United States and the Soviet Union to form an anti-fascist alliance. This eventually led to the foundation of the NCSR, which became the NCASF in 1941. The Council's membership was largely made up of professionals sympathetic to socialism and communism. [Wiki]
... [more]
New Star Recording (4)
Label New Star Recording Co. located in New York and probably belonged to New Star Film Company. Currently, we only know that Company existed around 1937 and related to the name of great composer, conductor, pianist and arranger Vladimir Heifetz (1893-1970). According to some dataVladimir Heifetz was brother of genius violinist Jascha Heifetz.
Okeh (48)
In 1916, Otto Heinmann set up the American branch of the German company of Carl Lindström. He chose as the name of the company, an old American Indian word meaning it is so, and spelled it as it sounded: Okeh. The early labels emphased the O and H in larger type as they were the initials of the owner, and the Indian braves head was used as the trade mark to show the origins of the word. The catalogue numbers started at 1000, the matrix numbers at 100. The first Okehs were vertical-cut... [more]
Opera Disc (26)
Opera Disc Company, Inc. was founded in January 1921 in New York by Max Hesslein. The company issued gramophone records with classical and operatic repertoire in direct competition with Victor's expensive Red Seals. The most curious part in this story is that records Opera Disc were printed from the same matrixes as Victor! Why it could happen? To find the answer we have to backtrack to the earliest days of World War I in Europe. At that time, Deutschen Grammophon Aktien-Gesellschaft (DGA)... [more]
Orientale (4)
ARTS Recording Co.
29 West 57th Street
New York
Othello (2)
Othello Recording Corp.
53 West 125th Str., (Suite 3)
New York 27, N.Y.
Pharos (2)
Philarmonic (3)
Records of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Philarmonic Transcription (11)
Pilotone (12)
Pilot Radio Corporation
Long Island City, New York
Podrooshki (8)
The Podrooshki collection was also one of the smaller collection of [Doukhobors] recordings on 78s, but nearly every Doukhobor family owned part or all of this collection.

With only 4 records (8 sides in total), the label boasted the names of Laura Markin, Pauline Plotnikoff, Mary Drazdoff, Paul Drazdoff, Elizabeth Strelive, John Strelive, Marcie Tomilin and daughters, Anne and Paulette.
Polart (8)
Polart Records was a label of Poltone Music Corp. (New York), operating during late 1940s. Reissues of Fogg-Record recordings. Earlier issues had only Fogg's numeration, later Polart introduced its own catalog numbers. There are two variants of labels: red on white or (later) silver on red.

Probably not related to Polart Publishing Co. (Detroit, 1960s) or Polart Distribution (Florida, since 1990s till now).
Polonia (USA) (5)
The Polonia Phonograph Co., Inc. located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin active in early 20th of the last centuriy. It was ran by Poish immigrants and specialized in making Polish records... [more]
Polydor-Vox (7)
Poprad (6)
Radiodisque (2)
Regal (USA) (1)
Royale (2)
Russian Art (6)
Series of "Memories of Russia", pressed by "Columbia Recording Corp.", Hollywood, USA
Russian Gypsy Music (2)
Russian Music Co. (3)
Russia in Phonograph Records (8)
There is almost no information about label "Russia in Phonograph Records". The only known at the moment information is in the Un-American Activities Committee reports [source]: ...Serge de Touloff is the manager of "The World In Music" at 1119 North Hicks Avenue, in Los Angeles. "Russia in Phonograph Records" is featured on de Touloff's advertisement. The Russian records were formerly offered for sale in the lobby of the Grand and Esquire... [more]
Sadko (25)
Sanok (0)
Sarkisian Record (0)
Schirmer (1)
Studios of G.S. Schirmer
3 East 43 Street New York, N.Y.
Seeburg (2)
The Standard Transcription Library for the Seeburg SELECT-O-MATIC
Seva Records Co. (31)
The Label existed in the beginning of 40th and belonged to well-known singer and guitarist Seva Foullon. The main warehouse located on 121 Lexington Avenue, New Your, N.Y. For America, this labels is unique by the fact that it featured mainly Russian artists. There were recorded about 40 records in total.

Courtesy of Mikhail Bliznyuk - the author of Beautiful Marusia Sava... book.
Silvertone (2)
Produced for chain "Sears Roebuck and Co."
Sirena American Record (8)
Simfonia (9)
So(k)hag (2)
Solo Records (1)
Sonart (26)
Sonora (10)
The Sonora Radio & Television Corporation.
Chicago, Illinois
Standard (26)
The label was owned by the Greek immigrant Tetos Demetriadis.

Standard Disc Record (1)
Harmony Disc Records were produced by Standard Talking Machine Co. located on 200 Monroe street, Chicago. Labels design as well as oversized central strikingly resemble another Chicago Company Harmony Disc Record. One can safely assume that it was the same company.
Stinson Records (230)
The story of Stinson Trading Company begins with Soviet Union participation in the 1939 Worlds Fair that took place in New York. The Company was founded by two men: Mr. Irving Prosky who was the first exclusive American distributor of records made in the Soviet Union, and Mr. Herbert Harris who was the owner of the Union Record Shop located at 14 Union Square and operated Sales Concessions of Soviet pavilion in Stanley and Miami Theaters. It looks like due to the high popularity of some Soviet records... [more]
Sun (4)
Sunrise (10)
Label of Canadian Doukhobors. See website
Surma (24)
Label Surma was cretated by Myron Surmach, Sr., who was owner of Surma Ukrainian Shop (used to be located at 11 E. 7th St.) founded in New York City in 1916. From the beginning of its establishment Surma became a kind of Ukrainian community center. Since Myron Surmach was well-acquainted with Ukrainian musicians of the time he began recording their music and issuing them on his own labels. Besides Surma, he owned Boyan and Fortuna. The store Surma existed until June 2016. (see announcement in The Ukrainian Weekly newspaper).
Syrena-Electro (pasteover) (1)
Technichord (1)
Trembita (2)
Ultra (1)
Ukrainian Chorus Trembita (6)
" "
( 50- )

1934 , , , , , . , ... [more]
Ukrainian Records (10)
Unique Records (15)
It looks like business of "Unique" label was issuing pirated (copied) records "Bellacord Electro" in USA. According to Alexander Lokoshchenko, in the memoirs of the former Bellacord owner (H. Rudzitis), says that after the war without his knowledge some records were illegally issued from his matrices abroad; the origin of these records was a mystery to him. There is no doubt he was speaking about Unique... [more]
USSR (6)
Anonymous pirated records (most likely American). It is based on the export version of the Aprelevka plant label "USSR" dedicated for records produced for export, which had circulated in 1945 - 1946 years.
Varsity (8)
In fall of 1939 Elliott Eli Everett Oberstein formed a U.S. Record Corporation in Scranton, Pennsylvania with labels called Royale and Varsity. Both labels were intended to be low budget ones primarily using material acquired from other labels, but soon his company went bankrupt. During WWII Oberstein resurrected labels called Hit, Elite, Classic and Varsity and sold recordings made in Mexico. In February 1945 Obertstein sold his studios, pressing plant and masters for more than half a million dollars to the Majestic radio company... [more]
Vasilki (3)
V-Disc (2)
V-Disc ("V" for Victory) was a record label that was formed in 1943 to provide records for U.S. military personnel. The label was a morale-boosting initiative involving the production of recordings during World War II by arrangement between the U.S. government and record companies. Many popular singers, big bands, and orchestras recorded V-discs. The name referred to both the label and the discs, which were 12-inch vinyl 78s produced from October 1943 to May 1949...

Source: Wikipedia
Victor (914)
The Victor Talking Machine Company (19011929) was an American corporation, the leading American producer of phonographs and phonograph records and one of the leading phonograph companies in the world at the time.... [more]
Vita-Tone (8)
Vitaphone (1)
Vitaphone was the analog sound-on-disc system. The soundtrack was not printed on the film itself, but issued separately on phonograph records. The discs, recorded at 33 ⅓rpm (a speed first used for this system) and typically 16 inches (41cm) in diameter, would be played on a turntable physically coupled to the projector motor while the film was being projected. Source:
Vocalion (60)
"Vocalion was founded in 1916 by the Aeolian Piano Company of New York City, which also introduced a line of phonographs at the same time. The label first issued single sided vertical cut disc records, soon switching to double sided, then switching to the more common lateral cut system in 1920...". [Wikipedia]
Vox (USA) (9)
White Eagle (17)
White Eagle label is creation of Continental Record Co. Inc. founder Donald Gabor. In order to ensure himself of a high turnover, Gabor created a number of labels, each and every name bore a hidden persuasion to which a specific buyer could connect. There are no doubts, that White Eagle label was aimed for Poles immigrants. Besides original recordings, the label was made more attractive by reissuing copied records from Syrena Record. Even Syrenas matrix numbers were preserved that significantly helps in their identification.
Yerker Hayastanen (12)
Երգեր Հայաստանէն (Songs from Armenia)
Young Peoples Records (2)
That what they say about themselves:

The YOUNG PEOPLES RECORDS represents something brand new in the field of record making.

For the first time, the integrated approach to the musical development of young children is offered for home use on durable plastic records. This approach has been worked out by leading progressive educators and musicians and is today contained in the curricula of the best private and public schools in the country.
... [more]
Zhaleyka Records (2)
Zhaleyka Records - a special label for a series of records of Montreal based Belarusian choir "Zhaleyka". Nevertheless, a unique case of Belarusian diaspora label (compare with dozens of similar Russian or Ukrainian labels).
The records maybe were produced by Argee Music Corp.

Program of one of Zhaleyka's concerts:

Photo of the choir's members:
Zonophone (2299)
Zonophone, early on also rendered as Zon-O-Phone was a record label founded in 1899 in Camden, New Jersey by Frank Seaman. The Zonophone name was not that of the company, but was applied to the records and machines sold by Seaman from 1899-1900 to 1903.

Seaman had worked for Emile Berliner's Berliner Gramophone. Seaman decided to start his own company to produce disc records and disc phonographs. Seaman's Zon-O-Phone records... [more]
Chaliapin Sings (An Early Recital) 1908-1914 (  ( ) 1908-1914) (sabatini)
Chaliapin Sings (An Early ... (sabatini)


Chaliapin Sings (An Early Recital) 1908-1914 (  ( ) 1908-1914) (sabatini)
Chaliapin Sings (An Early ... (sabatini)


Song of Ilyinichna - The wind is ... (ckenny)


Moldavenyaska, folk dance (ckenny)


Travelling salesmen (The ... (ckenny)


Lilacs - Bird Cherry Tree ... (ckenny)


Cheerful eyes ( ), ... (ckenny)


Dilbar (Beloved), folk song (ckenny)


Hoy ishchilar (Hey, Workers!), ... (ckenny)


Of Lelitso Merioare (The Young ... (ckenny)


Syrtbai, song (ckenny)


Ak bermet, song (ckenny)


Charmin Chatty - Russian ... (bernikov)


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