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AICC (0)
Anglo-Italian Commerce Company
Bettini Cylinders (8)
A. Burchardt (cylinders) (1)
Pathé (cylinders) (11)
Columbia (cylinders) (5)
Edison (cylinders) (46)
The US 4 minutes Everlasting Record (2)
The Company was formed in 1908, by a breakaway of certain executives of the Edison Company, including Albert Benzler and J.W.Myers, who were, presumably, dissatisfied with that Companys inability to make indestructible cylinders.

With a capital of $ 300,000, they went into production at Cleveland, Ohio, and using the patents of Thomas B.Lambert, brought out two-minute cylinders in 1908 and four-minute in 1909.... [more]
Cylinders of S.O.Marzhetsky (3)
According to Alexander Projdakov, director and owner of the Moscow company "S.O.Marzhetsky" was Stephan Osipovich Marzhetsky, who founded his firm in 1897. From 1897 to1903 he recorded on brown phonograph cylinders, and since 1904 he became one of trading agents of Brothers Pathe Company.
Private Cylinders (2)

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