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The exact date of appearance Lyrophon in Russia is to difficultl to establish, but it is known, that the representative of the company in Russia was somebody J.M.Joelson. It looks like Lyrophon had two large recording sessions: the first one as soon as 1905, the second one circa 1910. They made very interesting recordings of artist of Imperator Mariinsk Opera N.A.Bolshakov (tenor) performing arias from Pagliacci Leoncavallo and Pique Dame Tschaikowsky operas, recordings of K.G.Van-Brin (soprano), singer of Imperator Nicholas II Peoples House performed excerpts form Fausts Gounod and Delibes Lakme, recordings of prominent opera and operetta artists V.P.Damaev, A.V.Smirnov, L.M.Sibirjakov, N.A.Mikhajlov, E.A.Orel, M.I.Vavich, famous Varja Panina. There are interesting records of church music performed by the Sacred Chorus of Isaacs Cathedral (motets Rejoice Holy Mother, Blessed Joseph, In Thee Rejoiceth) and Chorus of the Kazans Cathedral in Petersburg. There were many recordings of light dance, instrumental, and orchestra music (march Soldiers in a Park, dances Pas d'Espan, Pas d'Patiner, Pas D'Gras, and etc.) performed by different orchestras. The great success was the recording of A.V.Vyalceva during the second session. By the way, just like famous Francis D'Andrade, Vyalceva was awarded with personal matrix numbers, marked by letters Vya ().

Besides Grand format, there was unusual 5 (12,5 sm) format called Gmone or Lilliput used for popular orchestral music.

Matrix numbers of Russian recordings were marked with prefix Rs ("Rss" on the labels), P for Polish. On the "mirror" (the dead wax between the last groove and the edge of label) matrix number digits are engraved in a normal position while the letters are mirrored, have different handwriting, and often do not fit into the allocated room. It tells us that letters were added at later stage of the process: either on the negative master resulting from electroplating of the original wax matrix, or on negative stamper, from which the final records were pressed. I favor the second version, as the letters are often followed by the Roman figure (I, II), made by the same handwriting and apparently at the same time, and most likely playing the role of stamper indicators.

In 1908 Lyrophon introduced Gloria label, that is currently is great collectors rarity. It should not be confused with much more common electrically recorded Gloria produced in 1930.

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Gabriel Gössel. The story of Lyrophon

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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
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Its a wind bows the treebranch ( ), folk song
Singers Chorus of V.Varshavsky, Conductor Vasily VarshavskyMoscowLyrophon (black)
(Rs 31)
Russiancomic couplet
He Will Grow Up ( ), couplets (lyrics by Stanislav Sarmatov)
Stanislav Sarmatov, acc. pianoMoscowLyrophon (black)
RussianComic Song with Piano
Affairs are going badly ( ), comic song
Stanislav Sarmatov, acc. pianoMoscowLyrophon (black)
(Rs 41)
RussianContralto with piano
Vanyas song - When my mother was killed ( - ) (Opera A Life for the Tzar (Ivan Susanin), act 3) (Mikhail Glinka, lyrics by Yegor Rozen)
Claudia Tugarinova, acc. piano1905
Lyrophon (black)
(Rs 96)
Russianbalalaika orchestra
Moon Shines Brtightly ( ), folk song
Great Russian Balalaika Orchestra, Conductor Boris TroyanovskySt.PetersburgLyrophon (black)
(Rs 98)
Russianbalalaika orchestra
The Dove is Whimpering ( ), folk song
Great Russian Balalaika Orchestra, Conductor Boris TroyanovskySt.PetersburgLyrophon (black)
(Rs 99)
Russianbalalaika orchestra
The Faun (), waltz
Boris TroyanovskySt.PetersburgLyrophon (black)
Song to a Star (Opera Tannhäuser) (Wagner)
Adam LudwigLvivLyrophon
(Rs 110)
Russiancomic couplet
Laughter in 12 Variations ( 12 ), couplets (lyrics by I.Shatov, Ivan Pushkin)
Ivan Pushkin, acc. guitarbefore 1908
Lyrophon (black)
Pieśń.Polały się łzy (Paderewsi)
Adam LudwigLvivLyrophon
RussianBrass Band
Beautiful Creole ( ), cake-walk (Alexandrov)
Horse Guardsmen Band of the Empress Maria Feodorovna, Conductor I. I. ArmegeymerLyrophon (black)
(Rs 136)
RussianBaritone with Piano
The first Demons romance - Do not weep, child ( - , ) (Opera The Demon, act 2) (Anton G. Rubinstein, lyrics by Pavel Viskovatov(Viskovaty), based on: Mikhail Lermontov: Poem The Demon)
Alexander V. Smirnov, acc. piano1905
Lyrophon (black)
(Rs 138)
RussianBaritone with Piano
The second Demons romance - On the Ocean of the Air ( - ) (Opera The Demon, act 2) (Anton Rubinshtein, lyrics by Pavel Viskovatov(Viskovaty), based on: Mikhail Lermontov: Poem The Demon)
Alexander Smirnov, acc. piano1905
Lyrophon (black)
RussianBrass Band
Le Doute (), waltz (F.I. Detlaf)
Brass BandSt.-PetersburgLyrophon (black)[1720]
RussianBrass Band
On The Hills of Manchuria ( ), waltz (Ilya Shatrov)
Brass BandLyrophon (black)
Ukrainian, RussianBrass Band
Ukrainian Kozachok. Hopak. ( . .), folk dance (Alexander Tsarman)
Brass BandLyrophon (black)
(190 RS)
Geisha (), dance (Alexander Tzarman)
OrchestraMoscowLyrophon (black)
(191 RS)
Russian, PolishOrchestra
Polish (), dance (Alexander Tzarman)
OrchestraMoscowLyrophon (black)
(192 rs)
Russianbrass band
Barynya (), dance (arr. B.Klimov)
brass band1905?Lyrophon (black)
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