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Alto (2)
Alto - label of small Canadian company Alto Records owned by Mike (Michael) Kupnicky and specialized in Ukrainian music, including recordings of Mr. Kupnicky himself. The company had produced at least six 78 rpm records and at least two LPs.
Aragon (24)
Aragon Recordings Studios (now Mushroom Studios) - a company founded by Al Reusch in 1946. Its main label Aragon was spawned in 1947. Also the company owned labels Arrex (custom records), Ara-Mac (Scottish music) and Ark (Aragon Kiddies series). Records pressed in Oakland, California.

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See also
Arka Records (Canada) (16)
There is no information about Canadian branch.
Arrex (2)
Arrex was a label of Aragon Records, Vancouver, used for private pressings. See also
Bazar (2)
Berliner Gramophone Co. (Montreal) (5)
Cascade (7)
Label of Canadian Doukhobors. See website
DSF (2)
Echo Records (2)
FRC Records (6)
FRC - Federation of Russian Canadians

Label example from Dmitry Fokin collection
Muza (Canada) (6)
Muza (not to be confused with the major Polish label "Muza - Polskie Nagrania") is label of Muza Record Company (Winnipeg), information about which is actually limited to what is printed on the labels and sleeves. Only two records are known, both with Ukrainian songs performed by tenor M. Holynsky. We can add only the following: matrices (and probably records themselves) were made by the same facilities with Canadian record Arka T-19484/19485, but slightly earlier (according to matrix/catalog numbers).

The Winnipeg mail address P. O. Box 3597 - Station "B" (as printed on the sleeve) has been shared with other Ukrainian Canadian organizations, especially Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences ( , UVAN).
New Era (6)
Quality Records (5)
Label Quality Records existed in 50th and located in Toronto
Spilka Ukrainskoi Molodi-SUM (2)
Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM), Toronto
See Wikipedia
Tovarischi (48)
Label of Canadian Doukhobors. See website These records were recorded in Spokane Washington and made in Canada (David Zibin)
Troubador (2)
USCC (14)
Label of Canadian Doukhobors. See website The label released 8 x 78 RPM records between 1952 and 1960.
Victor (Canada) (10)

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