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In 1901 when gramophones were only about to became fashionable, the soloist of Imperial theatres N.N.Figner called the recording of voices on phonograph records as "profanation of art", and solemnly declared, that he will never sing for a "mouthpiece". But it is difficult to resist a temptation! In two years phonograph records with his voice were sold all across the Russia, bringing the actor considerable income. And in ten years N.N.Figner headed the Russian Joint-stock Company of Gramophones (RAOG) - one of the most popular labels at that time. The new company did not appear from nothing, it became a successor of Society "Orpheon", infamous manufacturer of piratical records. The head of «Orpheon» David Aleksandrovich Finkelstein, constantly being under court, conceived to begin a new life on which he was pushed by legislated in March, 1911 «The Copyright Law». Probably, he was guided also by other motives, but anyway, customers announce tells: «hereby we honored to inform, that since December, 1st (1911) launched its operations with wholly paid capital in 600 000 rubles the Russian Joint-stock Company of Gramophones».

A.Tikhonov. Russian Joint-stock Company of Gramophones (Russian)
RAOG (golden harp) (204)
RAOG (silver harp) (46)
RAOG (ex Metropol) (3)
RAOG (pink) (4)
RAOG (black I-a) (19)
Similar to I-b outline of the cloud, but the lower right corner has a rounded shape
RAOG (black I-b) (33)
Similar to I-a outline of the cloud, but the lower right corner has a pointed shape
RAOG (black I-c) (2)
Similar to I-a и I-b outline of the cloud, but the lower edge has more smooth shape
RAOG (black I-d) (7)
The lower edge of the cloud has two distinctive ledges with their tips directed to the left
RAOG (black I-e) (6)
The lower edge of the cloud has a distinctive ledge with two tips
RAOG (black II) (42)
Distinctive face and hairstyle of the angel.
RAOG (black III) (29)
The image of the angel is borrowed from the Raphael painting "The Two Angels"
RAOG (white) (63)
The label predominantly white with black inscriptions
Harmonja Record (RAOG) (10)
Most likely RAOG company decided to issue some of its records under this label, just like Metropol Record company issued records under Corona Record. However, unlike the former one, the plans of RAOG was not destined to be fulfilled, otherwise any information about "Harmonia Record" would be available.
The Russian Gramophone Co. Ltd. (26)
Since 1914 on this label pressed records of RAOG (Russian Stockholders Company of Grammophone), Metropol-Record, Stella Record and Zwukopis. Records «The Russian Gramophone Co. Ltd.» were pressed in the factory of the Trading House Moll, Kybarth and Co. «Metropol-Record», which for this purpose had been expanded. For the factory was built a new building, increased the number of presses, enhanced staff of workers, increased the administration. Orders were taken at the Central Bureau of joint factories.
 Russian Gramophone Co. Ltd.(I) ...
Sleeves (1)
Русское акционерное общество граммофонов (РАОГ) (Zonofon)
Русское акционерное общество ...
RAOG=Russian Stockholders Company of Grammophone


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(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
[xRef Nos]
English, RussianBrass Band
Rule, Britannia (Правь, Британия, морями!), march song (Thomas Arne, lyrics by James Thomson)
Brass Band, Conductor Mikhail V. Vladimirov (Moisey Meerovich Ittsegson)1914RAOG (golden harp)
Russian, FrenchОркестр с пением
Under the banners (La Marseillaise) (Под знамёна (Марсельеза)), melodeclamation (Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle)
Dmitry A. Bogemsky, acc. orchestra1914RAOG (golden harp)
Great Russia (Великая Русь), scene (Leo Isaacovich Chernetzky)
D.A.Bogemsky1914RAOG (golden harp)
French, Russian
La marseillaise (Марсельеза) (Rouget de Lisle)
Brass OrchestraRAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record755
GermanXylophone with Orchestra
The dreaming snowdrop (Das träumende Schneeglöckchen), waltz (Louis Örtel)
Albert MüllerBerlinRAOG (golden harp)327
Russian, GermanXylophone with Orchestra
The dreaming snowdrop (Мечтающий подснежник) (Das träumende Schneeglöckchen), polka (Louis Örtel)
Spanish serenade (Испанская серенада), waltz
A.MüllerRAOG (golden harp)327
Russian, GermanXylophone with Orchestra
Spanish serenade (Испанская серенада), sardana (Olivier Metra)
Albert Muller, acc. orchestraBerlin
RussianBrass Band
With Sword and Lance (Мечом и копьем), march (Hermann Starke)
Brass BandMoscowRAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record120
GermanBrass Band
Entry to Adrianople (Der Mai ist gekommen), march
Brass BandMoscowRAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record120
Rejected Love (Отвергнутая любовь), waltz (Crémieux)
String OrchestraRAOG (golden harp)201
I am beging you (Молю тебя), waltz (Paans)
String OrchestraRAOG (golden harp)201
GermanAccordion Band
Irretrievable times (Vergangene Zeiten), waltz (A.Rosenberg (?))
OrchestraMoscowRAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record169
Matelote (Sailor’s Hornpipe)(College Hornpipe), ballroom dance (arr. Reibaht)
OrchestraGosprossnab NKP (blue band)219
RAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record
Russian, FrenchOrchestra
Pas des patineurs (Па-де патинер (Конькобежец)), dance (Jouve)
OrchestraSoviet with anonymous pre-revolutional labels802
RAOG (silver harp), Metropol-Record220
Russian, FrenchOrchestra
Pas de quatre (Па-де катр), dance (Lutz)
OrchestraRAOG (golden harp), Metropol-Record220
RussianString Orchestra
Flowers’ Waltz (Вальс цветов) (Ballet «Sylvia») (Léo Delibes)
String OrchestraRAOG (golden harp)197
Funeral March (Похоронный марш) (Franz Shollar)
RAOG Brass BandSoviet with original pre-revolutional labels110
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