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Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko. The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonics Vol.1 (Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko. Dyskopedia poloników do roku 1918 tom 1)



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The result of more than 10 years of scientific research conducted in our Department on the history of Polish phonography is the publication of Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonica. Three volumes consist of 1777 pages in format A-4 and include descriptions of about 16.000 recording, indexes, biographical notes and notes about companies, and also the large historical and methodical introduction. It reads among others: “The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonica” is a contribution to the history of Polish culture, particularly music culture. It lists all the recordings made by Polish performers, recordings of music by Polish composers, and the output of Polish phonographic companies and foreign companies operating on Polish territories before 1918. It also indicates which of these recordings have survived to our times and there they are currently stored. Hence, the “Discopedia” meets the standards of the Central Catalogue of Pre-1918 Phonographic Polonica. [...] covers recordings on various media [...] covers music and verbal recordings representing a variety of genres. [...] This is the first time such a rationale has been adopted in the Polish phonographic literature. Not modestly - please forgive me - I would like to inform that this work was awarded a prestigious annual prize of the Association of Polish Librarians named after Adam Łysakowski in category of scientific works. I am glad of the fact that for the first time jury of this award observed the work from a new field of bibliography which is discography.

Dr. Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko Ph.D

From presentation "The activity of national library in Warsaw in the sphere of the introduce and diffuse of records"
on The Third International Conference
"Audiovisual Heritage: Culturology, Archiving, New Technologies"
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow, 4-5 December 2003

From the collection of Jurek Gogacz, Warsaw
Name: Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko. The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonics Vol.1
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