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Andante (Mighty Laka Rose) ( (Mighty Laka Rose)), solo piece



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Label Transcription:

Gold fundSoviet recordings 
8843 2281


Mirror Transcription: 8843/3 -2281
Additional information: - , 1936 - . .
Original matrix: Gramplasttrest and ... # 8843
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Gramplasttrest and ... > Noginsk Plant 8843 8843  2281First edition??
Reverse Side 8842 8842  2280
Title Name: Andante (Mighty Lak'a Rose)
Language(s) or Ethnics: american, russian | Catalog category: Xylophone | Genre (Music Category): Solo piece
Artist(s): Gertrude Grandel
Composer: Ethelbert Nevin
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: Moscow | Recording Date: 1939
Transfer speed: 78 RPM
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 80 mm
Additional keywords:  
Label file size: 387.6 KB | 1199x1179 px | Size of file MP3: 5.4 MB | 2:22 | 320 kbps x 44.1 kHz
Hits: 2699 | Label downloads: 19 | Audio downloads: 32
Added by: TheThirdPartyFiles | 14.10.2011 19:24 | Last updated by:  conservateur | 15.10.2011 19:56
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Author Comment

Comments: 495
Join Date: 03.07.2009
This is strange. It's 'Mighty Lak'a Rose' by Ethelbert Nevin, but it's the accompaniment without the melody line.

Here's Paul Robeson's version
  14.10.2011 20:18
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It's interesting to hear the accompaniment.
The melody of 'Mighty Lak'a Rose' is a jazz standard.
There are at least 3 pop and jazz versions: Sinatra, Tatum and Hawkins.
  15.10.2011 19:08
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Comments: 495
Join Date: 03.07.2009
It was at least as popular as a straight song from before 1900.
  15.10.2011 22:36
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The year 1901 is indicated in 16 CD set Sinatra, The Columbia Years 1943-1952.
The song is not copyrighted, it's P.D.
  16.10.2011 12:33
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Emil Pick

Comments: 33
Join Date: 09.10.2011
here Lillian Nordica was singing Mighty Lak' a Rose
in 1908/ Other notable recordings include those by Jane Powell, Lillian Nordica, Geraldine Farrar, Vincent Lopez, Paul Robeson, Art Tatum, Wilbur DeParis, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Petula Clark, John McCormack, and Roger Whittaker. An orchestra arrangement was directed by Frank Chacksfield. Bob Becker's xylophone rendition is available performed by McGill University's Amie Watson. In an episode of 'Are You Being Served?' Mrs Slocombe, Miss Brahms and Mr Humphries sang it as a lullaby to two babies
The title means "Mighty (very much) like a rose"; this assessment is addressed by a mother (or perhaps an observer) to her newborn son.
  25.01.2012 12:30
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