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On the hills of Manchuria (На сопках Маньчжурии)



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Label Transcription:

Gold fundPre-Revolutionary recordings 
На сопкахъ Манчжурiи
(переложение для пения)
Исполн. изв. оперет. певецъ М.И.

From Alexander Scheglakov collection
Mirror Transcription:  
Additional information: From the collection of A.Scheglakov, Moscow
Record Mini-Discography: Zonophone (Gramophone) > On the hills of Manchuria (На сопках Маньчжурии)
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Zonophone > Zonophone (Gramophone) X-2-62543X 14977½b
Reverse Side X-61443 14985b
Title Name: On the hills of Manchuria
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian | Catalog category: Song
Artist(s): Mikhail I. Vavich
Composer: Ilya Shatrov
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: St.-Petersburg | Recording Date: 14-10-1910
Transfer speed:
Record size:
Additional keywords: Щеглаков, Манжурии, Манчжурии, Манджурии, Маньчжурии
Label file size: 373.1 KB | 1184x1177 px | Audio file size: 2.5 MB | 3:26
Hits: 4344 | Label downloads: 68 | Audio downloads: 208
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Author Comment
Bogemsky or Vavich?
Who is singing D.A.Bogemsky or M.I.Vavich?

From one hand it is apparent that sings Vavich – it is his voice, there is M.I. initials on the label.
However, in Alan Kelly's catalog stated that is was Bogemsky. To be precise, there are two numbers:

X-2-62543 (14977b) – Bogemsky
X-2-62543X (14977½b) – not defined

Let’s try chronologically list all recordings of October 14, 1910 as well as day before and day after it. All of them were performed by Fred Gaisberg during his St.-Petersburg session from September 12, 1910 to October 28, 1910.

October 13, 1910:

Thia day ended by number of recordings of E.E.Vitting, the last matrix number was 14971b. Neither Vavich nor Bogemsky were recording at this day.

October 14, 1910:

14972b to 14975b – the day had begun with S.Popov (violin solo)
14976b – G.Piorkovsky (violin solo)
14977b and 14977½b – the questionable numbers of “On the hills of Manchuria”
14978b – Own Zonophone Orchestra
14979b to 14982b – four numbers of male chores of A.V.Belyanin
14983b - S.Popov
14984b - S.Popov, Sari Vandish (violin and harp duet)
14985b - The death of an aviator by D.A.Bogemsky. No one would question that this is really him,
14986b - Sari Vandish (harp solo)
14987b, 14988b S.Popov, Sari Vandish (violin and harp duet) – that was the end of the day.

It looks like Vavich was not in the studio at this and the number was really recorded by Bogemsky! However, let’s take a look at the next day

October 15, 1910:

14989b, 14990b – V.M.Shuvalova, N.F.Monakhov
14991b – M.I.Vavich (Zigeunerliebe: I Am Old)
14992b – V.M.Shuvalova
14993b – V.M.Shuvalova, N.F.Monakhov, M.I.Vavich
14994b – A.G.Pekarskaya, N.F.Monakhov
14995b – A.G.Pekarskaya, V.A.Sabinin
14996b – A.G.Pekarskaya, V.A.Sabinin, M.I.Vavich

So, the question is still open. If it was Vavich then why only his initials are indicated on the record? No of respectful artist would allow such “offence”, for instance Patti and Melba requested from the Gramophone Company a “special” labels for them, and as we know their requests were satisfied!
  07.03.2008 17:36
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Comments: 99
Join Date: 05.06.2009
Богемский или Вавич?
Вавич без сомнения,! ( зашёл на студию, вчера цилиндр там забыл, ему говорят :
-хочеш халтуру?
-Споёшь "на сопках"?
- ну ладно..

а на самом деле голос и манера петь именно его, кстате у меня на пластинке с этой записью ( причём это не дефект матрицы а именено записи..) явно произошла запинка. певец сбился (возможно спутал последовательность слов..) это хорошо слышно. сменился тембр и тон голоса....а на сей записи этого дефекта нет, странно.!
  06.06.2010 10:18
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