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Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt



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Vierzig Donkosaken erobern die Welt
Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff 1921 - 2015

Emilian Klinsky (Neudruck der Ausgabe von 1933)

Studiengruppe "Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff":
40 Donkosaken erobern die Welt - aber das war erst der Anfang! (Zeittafel)
... nicht nur einmal, sondern tausendmal ...!
Von 40 Mitgliedern auf 26
Rückkehr nach Russland
Wanja Hlibka
Schlussfolgerung (Irina Minsky)

Niederlande-Russland Centrum, Universität Groningen, die Niederlande - 2015
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ISBN 978-90-819568-9-5
NUR 662

From the collection of Yuri Bernikov
Name: Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt
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The Don Cossacks Choir of Serge Jaroff 1921 - 2015

The Don Cossacks Choir is one of the most famous Russian choirs in the world. From the beginning of 1921 and nearly for 60 years it was under the leadership of the founder Serge Jaroff. After the Cossacks had fled from the Red Army, they landed in a refugee camp in Chilingir near Constantinople. There in 1921 Serge Jaroff founded his choir. Then the choir traveled to the Greek island of Limnos. Then the Cossacks moved to the Bulgarian city of Burgas, where the choir joined to the church. Finally, the tents were exchanged for the barracks in Sofia and the debut in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia on 23 June 1923 raised the morale.This small success was followed by an offer of a factory director in Montargis. The wife of the director was a Russian woman and the couple had already adopted an orchestra. But because of lack of money the Don Cossacks were stranded in Vienna. Help came from the League of Nations, which brought the choir in contact with the manager of a concert agency in Vienna.

The first concert took place on 4 July 1923 in the Hofburg. This concert was a great success and the director predicted that many concerts would follow. Finally, more than 10,000 concerts of Jaroff were performed. That has never been repeated in the world of choral music. In 1930 the Cossacks made the crossing to America, where they were given US citizenship in a joint ceremony in 1939. After the Second World War, the choir found a new home in the United States. The famous impresario Sal Hurok acted as manager. Then Clara Ebner followed in Germany, then in 1953 followed by the concert agency Collie from Hamburg. Then Otto Hofner took the choir in 1960 under his wing. After his last series of concerts in America Serge Jaroff transferred the rights to his choir to Otto Hofner on March 20, 1981. 1985 Otto Hofner sought contact with Michael Minsky, long-term soloist with Jaroff. Minsky was in contact with Jaroff and the choir since 1948 Minsky had a worldwide reputation as a baritone and choirmaster. He had been active long enough for Jaroff and was able to lead the choir to continue the same tradition. By request of Jaroff, Otto Hofner organized in 1986 a tour with Nicolai Gedda as guest soloist. The tour was a success, but as Nicolai Gedda did not want to sing every day and Michael Minsky got sick, Otto Hofner threw in the towel. Then Vanya Hlibka and George Tymzcenko took up the thread again and in 2001 Vanya Hlibka, the youngest soloist of Jaroff, got the rights of the choir. To this day, concerts are held at all major venues throughout the world. This book provides an historical overview of the history of the choir with the most interesting pictures of the history of this legendary choir.
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