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Pavel Kripakov - Russian Gypsy Songs (Павел Крипаков - Русские цыганские песни)



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Russian Gypsy Songs

● Love Has Gone
● My Last Five Roubles
● Troika Bells
● True Love - Only Once
● My Curly Top
● Faded Roses
● Gypsy Love
● Olive Skinned Maiden
● Nowhere To Go, No One To Love
● Beads, Earrings and Sleight Bells

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From the collection of Yuri Bernikov
Sadko (LP): №№ LP-1001-A#1LP-1001-B#5 Pavel Kripakov - Russian Gypsy Songs (Павел Крипаков - Русские цыганские песни)
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Love Has Gone (Любовь ушла)
SL-1001-A#1 LP-1001-A#1 SL-1001
My Last Five Roubles (На последнюю пятёрку)
SL-1001-A#2 LP-1001-A#2 SL-1001
Troika Bells (Бубенцы)
SL-1001-A#3 LP-1001-A#3 SL-1001
True Love - Only Once (Только раз бывают в жизни встречи)
SL-1001-A#4 LP-1001-A#4 SL-1001
My Curly Top (Чубчик)
SL-1001-A#5 LP-1001-A#5 SL-1001
Faded Roses (Отцветали в саду бледно-пышные розы)
SL-1001-B#1 LP-1001-B#1 SL-1001
Among Forest and Fields
SL-1001-B#2 LP-1001-B#2 SL-1001
Olive Skinned Maiden (Смуглянка-молдованка)
SL-1001-B#3 LP-1001-B#3 SL-1001
Nowhere To Go, No One To Love (Ямщик, не гони лошадей)
SL-1001-B#4 LP-1001-B#4 SL-1001
Beads, Earrings and Sleight Bells (Бусы, серьги, кольца, бубенцы)
SL-1001-B#5 LP-1001-B#5 SL-1001
Title Name: Pavel Kripakov - Russian Gypsy Songs
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian | Catalog category: Tenor with Accordions Duo
Artist(s): Pavel Kripakov
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type: Accordions duo | Accompanist: Andrei Hamshay, Misha Usdanoff
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: | Recording Date: 1956
Transfer speed: 33⅓ RPM
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 102 mm
Additional keywords:  
File size: 1.6 MB | 3047x3064 px
Hits: 1382 | Downloads: 24
Added by: bernikov | 20.03.2016 22:08 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 23.01.2020 04:05
Artistic value: 10.00 (2 votes)
Сollectable value: 10.00 (2 votes)
Label quality: 10.00 (2 votes)
Audio quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Author Comment
Paul Kripakov (Павел Крипаков) was memebr of the Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff. This is his first solo album, released in just 400 copies edition, so now is a big collection rarity. There is also second LP record that I plan to upload on the portal.
  21.03.2016 03:59
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Comments: 1
Join Date: 21.04.2017
Есть у меня такая пластиночка.
Состояние отличное.
Имею желание продать.

  22.04.2017 14:34
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