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Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, Emvee and other labels), 1954 ( Argee ( Stinson, Emvee .), 1954 )



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Name: Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, Emvee and other labels), 1954
Additional information: Compiled from 4 different copies of the catalog: I removed identical pages, attributed labels and grouped pages according to labels (Argee, then Stinson, then Emvee, and finally a miscellany).
Label(s): Argee Records
Additional keywords: Argee, Stinson, Emvee, Marusia, Sava, Nicholas, Dontzoff, Seva, Columbia, RCA, Victor, Kismet, Standard, Unique, Decca, Continental
File size: 14.3 MB
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  17.10.2016 02:56
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