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Those Evening Bells, song



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Those Evening Bells

Those Evening Bells

Thomas Moore

Those evening bells! those evening bells!
How many a tale their music tells,
Of youth and home and that sweet time
When last I heard their soothing chime.

Those joyous hours are past away:
And many a heart, that then was gay.
Within the tomb now darkly dwells,
And hears no more those evening bells.

And so 'twill be when I am gone:
That tuneful peal will still ring on,
While other bards shall walk these dells,
And sing your praise, sweet evening bells!

(The Bells of St. Petersburgh)

From the collection of Yuri Bernikov
Mirror Transcription:  
Additional information: Cylinder is mine, but phonograph belongs to Jurek Gogacz
Record Mini-Discography: The US Everlasting cylinders > Those Evening Bells, song
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Cylinders > The US Everlasting cylinders 1181
Cylinders > The US Everlasting cylinders 1181 Base fund
Title Name: Those Evening Bells
Language(s) or Ethnics: english | Genre (Music Category): Song
Artist(s): James McCool
Lyrics By: Thomas Moore
Accompaniment Type: Accordion, Violin, Bell
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: | Recording Date: 1909...1913
Transfer speed:
Record size:
Additional keywords:  
File size: 15.7 MB | 512x288 px | 3:46
Hits: 10492 | Downloads: 171
Added by: bernikov | 22.05.2009 03:57 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 27.07.2015 03:44
Artistic value: 10.00 (1 votes)
Сollectable value: 10.00 (1 votes)
Label quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Author Comment
Алексей Гапонцев (avg)
Автор стихов
Автор стихов - ирландский поэт Томас Мур.
  26.05.2009 07:40
Offline User profile of Send an email message to    
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Спасибо, Алексей!
Я добавил имя автора стихов, а заодно и слова
  26.05.2009 12:15
Offline User profile of Send an email message to    
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Homebrew wax cylinder player “archeophone” version 2
Now it has digital tachometer.
  15.05.2019 04:39
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