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The Grammophone World No 3, 1912 ( i 3, 1912 .) (Die Grammophon-Welt No 3, 1912)



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From German Alexejevich Stschetnikov collection, Perm
Name: The Grammophone World No 3, 1912
Additional information: Year 3. 1912 No.3, pages 01-24 + 4 cover p. (28 p.)
Label(s): Grammofonnij Mir
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File size: 15.4 MB
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Rating: 10.00 (3 votes)
Added by: bernikov | 22.04.2018 05:04
Author Comment
Christian Zwarg (chrisz78)
When will the gap between March 1912 and January 1914 be filled in? It has been several years now since the online publication started, and I suppose the actual scanning work was completed long ago (cannot take more than one day/evening to scan one edition, so even just working in your spare time the whole run of magazines can be digitized in a few months). Why are you holding back the remaining magazines, and thus render this important source quite useless for exhaustive discographic research (because no matter what company or catalogue series you are looking at, theres always the huge gap in 1912/13....)
  12.08.2018 09:59
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Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I have all the magazines on microfilms, but they are not scanned. I usually scan just one magazine and it takes about 1 hour. Then I process it and it takes depending on the content from 2 to 3 hours. My intention was to keep the same pace of processing as they were originally issued, i.e. 1-2 per month, but due to luck of time (read laziness) I am falling behind the schedule. The biggest challenge in processing is the fact that the lighting was not even, so it needs to be corrected before adjusting of contrast and lightness. There are special tools, but in many cases it needs to be done manually by processing each page by small pieces. Another challenge is the fact that the text and the photos need to be processed separately because of difference in requirements: for the photos we want the best contrast while keeping as mach details as possible; and for the text we want well readable black text on white background. Currently, I have No 4 scanned, and if you have necessary skills I can make it available to you to give a try to process it. If it works fine, I will scan No 5 and so on together we can do the job much faster. So please let me know if you are interested. Also, any other volunteers are very welcome.
  13.08.2018 03:50
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