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Discography of Russian Church Songs




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Label Transcription:

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Johann von Gardner
Diskographie des russischen Kirchengesangs
VOM - Verein für ostkirchliche Musik

Reprint from "Ostkirchliche Studien" [Eastern Church Studies], appeared in a series of 9 magazines, 1960-1971. Gardner (died 1984) has as the first the sound-recordings of Russian and
western choirs since the 20s reviewed and discussed. A lot of additional informations in the introductions and the many footnotes.
Name: Discography of Russian Church Songs
Additional information: Ivan von Gardner
Discography of Russian Church Songs
[written in German language]

Reprint of the articles in:
Ostkirchliche Studien [Eastern Church Studies] 9-21 (1960-1972)

¢ 1991 by VOM - Verein für ostkirchliche Musik [Association For Eastern Church Music]
CH - 6442 Gersau, Switzerland

ISBN 3-909 097-04-9

Order number: VOM 534
Printed: Orthdruk, Bialystok, Poland

180 pages
16 cm x 24 cm

2nd unchanged edition (Gossau/Zürich 2007, 234 pages) available:
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Added by: max | 07.09.2009 03:21
Author Comment
Recordings of the Moscow Synodal Choir
Johann von Gardner (Иван Алексеевич Гарднер 1898-1984), the Russian-born Slavic musicologist, said there where recordings of the Moscow Synodal Choir. He had heard them himself in his youth. Probably between 1905 and 1917. Who knows about such recordings?

Johann von Gardner: Diskographie des Russischen Kirchengesangs. Verein für ostkirchliche Musik. Gersau (Switzerland). P. 3
  06.02.2011 19:27
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Following is extract from Alan Kelly ctalog
24965 6686L -08 X-64889 X-2-64758
Tebe poyom (Lvov)
We sing to Thee

24966 6687L -08 X-64890 X-2-64754
Vo tzarstvi tvoem (S Panchenko)
In Thy kingdom (The Beatitudes)

24967 6689L -08 X-64891 X-64923
[check]not traced

24968 6691L -08 X-64893 X-64924
not traced

24969 6692L -08 X-64894 X-64925
not traced

24970 6693L -08 X-64895 X-2-64762
Dostoyno est, Kievskago napeva
He is worthy, Kiev tune

24971 6694L -08 X-64896 X-2-64756
Svete tikhiy (Chaikovsky)
Peaceful world

24972 6733L -08 X-64897 X-2-64759
Dostoyno est, Serbskaya napeva (Kastalsky)
He is worthy, Serbian tune

24973 6735L -08 X-64899 X-2-64757
a) S nami Bog; b) Mnogoletie (Kastalsky)
a) God is with me; b) Good wishes for a long life

24974 6737L -08 X-64901
[check]not traced

24975 6738½L -08 X-64902 X-2-64760
Blagosloviy dushe moya Gospoda, Grechskaya napeva
Oh my soul, bless the Lord, Greek melody

24976 6740L -08 X-64904 X-2-64755
[title]Voskliknite Gospode-v, Kontzert (Grechaninov)

24977 6741L -08 X-64905 X-2-64761
Khvalite imya Gospodne (Kastalsky)
Praise the name of the Lord
  07.02.2011 18:03
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This code looks very intersting. But what does it mean? Where recordings planned or made? Are there recordings? What is the label? Does anybody know more about these recordings? And is the text of Allan Kelly published?
  12.02.2011 07:35
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I am sorry that I did not explain what does it mean and how to read the "code". It features the Gramophone Company records transcribed from either Gramophone Company registration books currently stored in EMI Archive in Hayes, Gramophone and Zonophone catalogs or actual records.

Let's start from the top line:


It translated as "Synodal Chorus conducted by A.D.Kastalsky", recorded in Moscow, so I assumed it is Moscow Synodal Chorus.

Next, there is the list of records separated by empty line. All of them recorded by Gramophone Company and have size 25 cm (grand)

Let's take a look at the first one:

24965 6686L -08 X-64889 X-2-64758
Tebe poyom (Lvov)
We sing to Thee

Following is explanation of each element:

24965 - Catalog number of Gramophone label. The exact label name is unknown. It can be "Gramophone Concert", "Concert (Cupid)" or "Amour Gramophone". On the label itself, the number will be shown as this: G.C.-24965

6686L - Matrix number. On the record mirror it will be shown as 6686l (Alan uses capital "L" instead of low case "l" because the later one looks like digit "1" and can be easily confused with it)

-08 means that recording was made in the year of 1908

X-64889 - The record was also issued on Zonophone label, and it is the Zonophone catalog number.

X-2-64758 -The record was issued on Zonophone label for the second time, and it is another Zonophone catalog number.

Tebe poyom - Transliteration of the Russian title "Тебе поём"

(Lvov) - The name of composer (Do not confuse with Ukrainian city of Lvov)

We sing to Thee - English translation of the title.

Alan also uses some keywords:

not traced - My understanding is that such records were only found in Gramophone Company registration book, but not in catalogs nor as actual records.

[title] - The Title is not translated in English

[check] - There is some problem, it will be required to come back and resolve.
  13.02.2011 04:24
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Call to collectors of early Russian records
Serge Jaroff was a member of the Moscow Synodal Choir in the European tour of 1911, and it is known that he sang with the choir in 1910 as soloist in the original performance of Sergey Rachmaninov's liturgy. Probably he sang already in the choir when these songs where recorded 1908 as he entered the Synodal School 1906 (and finished 1917). So the singing of this choir must have influenced him as conductor of the Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff. It would be most interesting to hear recordings of the Synodal Choir therefore. From Johann von Gardner we know that such records existed. And from an extract of Allan Kelly, explained by Yuri Bernikov, numbers and titles of songs recorded. May I call the members of Russian-Records to look through their collections and to present such records here?
  23.02.2011 06:33
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