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New Songs From The U.S.S.R. (Новые песни из СССР)



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Label Transcription:

Gold fundSoviet recordings 
Distributed by STINSON TRADING CO., N. Y.
Name: New Songs From The U.S.S.R.
Additional information:
Label(s): Asch Records
Sleeve size: 25 cm
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Added by: max | 20.09.2009 17:47 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 17.06.2016 19:31
Author Comment
Описание этого альбома в "The Gramophone Shop, inc. Record Supplement for May, 1945":

NEW SONGS FROM THE USSR. Soloists Chorus & Orchestra. Three 10" records (6 sides) in Set ASCH-S300; price complete with album $2.89.

The selections included in this album are: Russian National Anthem (Red Army Chorus conducted by A. V. Alexandrov); Katiusha (V. Batischev, P. Mikhailov, V. Tiutiunik & State Jazz Orchestra, USSR); Sea Gull (A. V. Timoshaeva & State Jazz Orchestra, USSR); Song of My Native Land (M. O. Reisin, Chorus & Orchestra conducted by I. O. Dunaievsky); Blue Kerchief (Klavida Shulzhenko & Jazz Orchestra); Dorozenka (Piatnitsky Chorus).

These selections, recorded in Russia, are effectively set forth in this album.

То есть внутри должны быть пластинки №№ 3001, 3004 и 3006.
  07.08.2016 22:21
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