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A little song (digital)
A little song (digital)
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The announcement about the new version of the jukebox 29.05.2022 05:13

The announcement of opening of "The Mirror of the World of Russian Records" 28.03.2022 03:58

Dear participants and visitors of the website! We are pleased to announce the opening of the website "The Mirror of the World of Russian Records", which, as the name suggests, is a mirror of this one. The address of the new website is: The website is registered and located in Russia, its owner is Andrey Kulakov. Andrey will also act as a second administrator of both websites..

The mirror website is read-only and will automatically sync with the main website once a day, approximately 10PM to 11PM Eastern time. In case of problems with the main website, the mirror website can be easily switched to be the main one.
QR-codes 01.02.2022 01:44

Keeping up with the times, I decided to add URL QR codes of the exhibit pages. The code is located on the right of the Rating form.

Point your smartphone, scan the code, watch and listen to the phonograph record on your smartphone!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022! 31.12.2021 02:51

15th Birthday Anniversary! 06.11.2021 04:37

Dear friends, on November 6, 2021, our website turned 15 years old! Much has been changed in the world during this time, as well we ourselves have changed. Some got matured, some have grown old, and some, unfortunately, have died. But we wont be sorrow because in the virtual World of Russian Record the departed ones remain with us forever, except that we will no longer see their new downloads and comments... Let's raise our glasses for this anniversary, for all of us who are living and who are gone!
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