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Summer Moon (Zonofon)

Summer Moon (Zonofon)
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Richard Rosing, welcome to the Club! 05.03.2008 03:03

Dear friends, we are very pleased to announce that recently our club was joined by Richard Rosing the son of Vladimir Sergeevich Rosing the great artist, who conquered the West with the genius of his talent, but as fate willed it he remained almost unknown to his contemporaries in Russia. The greatness of Val Rosing's talent (he was known in America by this name) is proven by the fact, that Bernard Shaw considered him as the best singer of the 20th century together with F. I. Chaliapin. Besides his singing art, V.S. Rosing was known as a talented stage director, producer, and public figure. But it is not all: Richard Rosing has submitted a few articles written by his father to be published on our portal. We are offering for your reading one of them which is called

Idealism and Art . By the efforts of the article for the first time has been translated from English into Russian. After reading it, one will realize that by losing V.S. Rosing, Russia lost not only a great singer, but also a great philosopher! Fortunately, thanks to generosity of Richard Rosing, who has collected rich materials about his father, we have the opportunity to offer some of them to the visitors of our site. Besides the article mentioned above (more are coming as they get translated), several photos will be posted at the Portrait Gallery, the concert programs and flyers will become available in the Printed Matter, and 29 sides of rare records obtained by special request from the British Sound Archives, will be uploaded into the folder of Vocalionlabel.

Vladimir Rosings last wife Ruth Glean Rosing has published his personal biography, but Richard Rosing is currently working on a new book. He wants it to be much deeper, and much more complete. He has done a great deal of new research since Ruth's book and undertook a few trips to Russia and Ukraine. The report of the first journey is presented in the documentary film Finding Dzhulynka, that had great success and really pushed him towards doing a full biography.

Lets welcome once again Richard Rosing, thank him for his generosity, and wish him every success in finishing his book about one of the greatest singers of the 20th century, Vladimir Sergeevich Rosing.

Welcome to the Club! 04.12.2007 00:53

Dear friends, we are very pleased to share a good news, that grandson of the founder of Metropol Record label (A.K.A Aprelevskij Zavod or Aprelevka Plant) Gottlieb Heinrich Carl Moll (in Russian Bogdan Vasilyevich Moll) John-Peter Moll recently joined our club. Following is what he writers about his grandfather:

MetropolRecord were only a side activity of my grandfather. His main business was making enamel and enameled bathtubs. He had also farms and on the main one, located in Duminitschi (a village in Kaluga Oblast R-R) my father was born and grown up. On the Duminitschi farm my grandfather introduced a system, which ensured the delivery of 100% tuberculosis free milk. Furthermore he started to introduce the apple variety Koriznewje , which I heard, is still popular in Russia. Due to his social behavior only minimal harm was experienced by the family during the revolution. Some family members were kept for some time at a Volga island but could then travel to Neumuenster, Germany where my grandfather had another enamel and bathtub factory. Like the possessions in Russia, the factory in Neumuenster was nationalized in 1939 to produce airplanes. I believe that the rise and fall of my family is much more interesting than the Buddenbrooks written by Thomas Mann

Currently, John-Peter lives in Vienna, but after retirement he plans go back to Neumuenster and continue the genealogical work started by his cousin Georg Moll. Georg is in his late 80's now, and unfortunately the age is already taking its toll.

We cordially welcome John-Peter in our club and wish him and his cousin Georg every success in restoring genealogy of their wonderful family.

Please take a look at Alexander Tikhonov article The Jubilee of Aprelevka, that now available in two languages: English and Russian.
Moving to the new hosting is completed 15.08.2007 14:29

Dear friends, we finished moving to the new hosting. We hope that this procedure did not cause you many inconveniences. The site retained all information including accounts, profiles, mail, uploads, comments, ratings and forum posts. Yet, if something was lost or somehow corrupted please let us know and we will do all possible to recover it. Also, we will be very grateful if you let us know about all anomalies should you notice any in the nearest future. We wish you a pleasant visiting our site!

We are changing the hosting 08.08.2007 19:11

Dear friends, we began the process of moving to a new hosting. It will take a few days; during this period may take place some service interruptions, please accept our apologies in advance. We hope that the new hosting will be faster and more reliable, and as a results the visiting our site will become more pleasant and fruitful.

Alphabetical Index 03.07.2007 02:59

Dear friends, please take a note that in the main menu there is Label Index item now. It is not a problem anymore to navigate to any one!
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