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Rec Place
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Gramplasttrest and successors
RussianMale vocal with orchestra
The soldier will forget this never (Нет, не забудет солдат), song (Modest Efimovich Tabachnikov, lyrics by Yakov Ziskind)
Leonid Ossipovich Utesov, acc. state jazz orchestra rsfsr, Conductor Leonid Ossipovich Utesov09-07-1947
Belaccord (GPT)458
ГРК 373/47
RussianDuet with Jazz Orchestra
Dear Muscovites (Дорогие москвичи), song (Isaac Dunaevsky, lyrics by Vladimir Mass and Mikhail Cchervinsky)
Leonid and Edith Utyosov, acc. russian sfsr state jazz orchestra, Conductor Leonid Utyosov09-07-1947
Belaccord (GPT)382
ГРК 371/47
RussianVocal duet with orchestra
Dear Muscovites (Дорогие москвичи), song (Isaak Ossipovich Dunajevsky, lyrics by Vladimir Zakharovich Mass and Mikhail Abramovich Tchervinsky)
Leonid Ossipovich Utesov and Edith Leonidovna Utesova, acc. state jazz orchestra rsfsr, Conductor Leonid Ossipovich UtesovKAMAГРК 371/47

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