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A. Tikhonov. Unknown "Hundred Years War". From the history of musical piracy in Russia. Part 1. (. .  " ".      .  1.) (bernikov)
A. Tikhonov. Unknown ... (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov


A. Tikhonov. Sound Recording and Celebrities (. .   ) (bernikov)
A. Tikhonov. Sound Recording and ... (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov


Helmars Rudzitis Publishing Group (   ) (german_retro)
Helmars Rudzitis Publishing ... (german_retro)
Portrait Gallery


Friedebert Tuglas ( ) (german_retro)
Friedebert Tuglas ( ... (german_retro)
Portrait Gallery


Mark Reisen.  Autobiographical notes, articles, memoirs. ( .  , , .) (Anton)
Mark Reisen. Autobiographical ... (Anton)


100 years of Russian Columbia (100   ) (Tikhon)
100 years of Russian Columbia ... (Tikhon)
Columbia Record


The Chronicle of Gramophone (Zonophone) Company in Russia 1902  1917. (In Russian) (      ͻ (ͻ) 1902  1917) (bernikov)
The Chronicle of Gramophone ... (bernikov)
Gramophone Co.


The first Russian producer and sound engineer (    ) (Tikhon)
The first Russian producer and ... (Tikhon)
Gramophone Co.


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Leningrad - "Mineral" and "Plastmass" Artels
russian, russian
Critic (), comic scene (Yakov Rozenfeld, lyrics by Grigory Koltunov, Yakov Ziskind)
Arkadiy Raykin, German Novikov, Georgy Rubin, acc. studio ensemble, Conductor Georgy Gausman1951
Artel "Plastmass" 246-51
Leningrad - Radio Products Plant LGMP PPK
russian, russiancomic scene
a) Critic b) Charlie Chaplin () ) ), comic short story (lyrics by Arkadiy Raykin, Uman, Livshits)
Arkadiy Raykin, acc. piano, Solo by Finkelstein1940-41
Leningrad - Radio Products Plant LGMP PPK 3529
MuzTrust (general list)
americanviolin with piano
Caprice Viénnois, solo piece (Fritz Kreisler)
Fritz Kreisler, acc. George Falkenstein (piano)18-05-1910
New York
Muztrust (general list, USSR) blue010004
Pathé Record
Short story
Oskar Kallas27-04-1921
(France) Paris, Universite de Paris, La Sorbonne
Etched Labels é

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