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Collectors and Authors
Year 1947 (1947 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1947 (1947 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Idealism and Art (Идеализм и исскуство) (bernikov)
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и ...
Vladimir Rosing


Alexander Tikhonov. His name was Nipper (In Russian) (Александр Тихонов. Его звали Ниппер) (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov. His name was ...
Alexander Tikhonov


The first Russian producer and sound engineer (Первый русский продюсер и звукорежиссер) (bernikov)
The first Russian producer and ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Norbert Rodkinson - evil genius of «Gramophone» or Russian Odyssey of Norbert Rodkinson (In Russian) (Норберт Родкинсон - злой гений «Граммофона» или русская одиссея Норберта Родкинсона) (Tikhon)
Norbert Rodkinson - evil genius ...
Alexander Tikhonov


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Rec Place
LabelOrder No
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Gramophone Co.
RussianDuet with Chorus and Orchestra
Church scene - God! Whose voice is it.(part 2) (Сцена у церкви - Боже! чей это голос (2-я часть)) (Opera «Faust», act 4) (Charles Gounod, lyrics by Jules Barbier, Michel Carre, translator Pyotr Kalashnikov, based on: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The tragedy «Faust»)
Maria Michailova, B.S.Veprinsky, acc. chorus and orchestra1907
Concert (Cupid)
Gramplasttrest and successors
RussianBass-Baritone with Folk Orchestra
Whose This Garden Would Be? (Уж и чей это садок), folk song
Georgi A. Abramov, acc. all-union radio committee folk ensemble, Conductor Nikolay N. Nekrasov1947
Aprelevka PlantГ-145
SlovakChoir with orchestra
Salute to Stalin (Hail on Stalin) (part 1), choir piece (Jan Cikker)
Male choir of Slovak teachers, acc. slovak philharmonic orchestra, Conductor L'udovit RaiterNárodná Diskotéka3901-V

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