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Standing in items
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Collectors and Authors
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff (Хор Донских казаков Сергея Жарова) (bernikov)
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge ... (bernikov)
Yuri Bernikov


Idealism and Art (Идеализм и исскуство) (bernikov)
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


Portrait Gallery
Grave of George Seversky (Могила Жоржа Северского) (bernikov)
Grave of George Seversky (Могила ... (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


Participants of the dress rehearsal of "The Queen of Spades". They sit (from left to right): V.E. Meyerhold, S.A. Samosud, S.N. Gisin, R.A. Shapiro, N.L. Welter, N.I. Kowalski. Among those standing (in the center) - LT. Chupyatov. (Участники генеральной репетиции "Пиковой дамы". Сидят (слева направо): В.Э. Мейерхольд, С.А. Самосуд, С.Н. Гисин, Р.А. Шапиро, Н.Л. Вельтер, Н.И. Ковальский. Среди стоящих (в центре) - Л.Т. Чупятов.) (Belyaev)
Participants of the dress ... (Belyaev)
Portrait Gallery


Stroboscope discs
Promo strobe disc of "Mewa" and "Melodje" (Reklamowy, stroboskopowy kalibrator obrotów "Mewa" i "Melodje"), advertisement (crooner)
Promo strobe disc of ... (crooner)
Stroboscope discs


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
S. 51037
(S 51037)
Polishtenor with orchestra
Small goblet is standing (Stoi kieliszecek), folk dance
Wojtek Wodzirej (Zbigniew Krukowski), acc. folk orchestra of the Pavilon Record Co.~1953
BalladaB. 83
Columbia Record
A Girl Was Standing In The Hall (Дiвка в сiнiх стояла)
M.Marienko, acc. accordion19-12-1912
New York
Columbia (big note)E1210
Gramplasttrest and successors
UkrainianBass with orchestra
The sycamore tree is standing, folk song (Semen Hulak-Artemovsky)
Ivan Patorshinsky, acc. orchestra of folk instruments, Conductor Nikolay Osipov1943
Aprelevka Plant
Syrena Record
Ukrainian, PolishBass with Orchestra
A stone is standing at the water (Stoit kamień nad wodoj) (Варто камінь над водою), folk song (Obniski, based on: Taras Shevchenko: )
Władysław Kaczmar, acc. orchestra1932

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