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Kismet Record
russian, frenchensemble
1. The little Tonkinese girl; 2. Coquette (1. Китаяночка; 2. Кокетка) (1. La petite Tonkinoise; 2. Coquette), polka (Henri Christiné, Vincent Scotto)
Dimitri Kornienko ensemble, Conductor Dimitri Kornienko~1940
New York
Kismet (treble clef, red)104
The Folk Dancer
russian, frenchinstrumental
1. Coquette; 2. The little Tonkinese girl (1. Кокетка; 2. Китаяночка) (1. Coquette; 2. La petite Tonkinoise), polka (Henri Christiné, Vincent Scotto)
Kostya Poliansky and His Balalaika Orchestra, Conductor Kostya PolianskyNew YorkThe Folk DancerMH-1060

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