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Collectors and Authors
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge Jaroff (    ) (bernikov)
Don Cossack Chorus of Serge ...
Yuri Bernikov


The Chronicles of V.I. Rebikoff and Co. Label in Russia 1903  1906 (      ..  º 1903  1906) (bernikov)
The Chronicles of V.I. Rebikoff ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


The History of Elesdisc (  ) (Nahon)
The History of Elesdisc ( ...
Peter Nahon


The Jubilee of Aprelevka ( ) (bernikov)
The Jubilee of Aprelevka ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Alexander Tikhonov. "The Hits" Of The Epoch Of War Communism ( . ""   ) (bernikov)
Alexander Tikhonov. "The ...
Alexander Tikhonov


Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and Catalog Numbers in G&S Discography (Howard)
Dr.Howard S.Friedman. Matrix and ...
Howard Friedman


Printed Matter
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt (bernikov)
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the ...


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Gramplasttrest and successors
Polishfolk band with singing
There is no dance better than mazurka (Nie masz tańca nad mazura) (Feliks Dzierzanowski)
folk band, Conductor Wladyslaw Kaczynski (?), Piotr Rybarski, Solo by ?~1938
Warsaw (?)
Aprelevka Plant-524
Syrena Record
A founded twins (Znalezione bliźnięta), comic scene (lyrics by Edward Manc)
Edward Manc, Wiktor Manc06-1927...02-1929

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