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Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part I (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть I) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ...
Vladimir Rosing


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Dom Zvukozapisy (Records)
But could you? (А вы могли бы?), poem (lyrics by Vladimir Mayakovsky)
Vladimir Mayakovsky07-12-1920
Petrograd, phonetics laboratory of Institute of the living word
Dom Zvukozapisy (Records)24664
MusTrust (electric process)
My sorrow (Печаль моя), romance (Four Demyan’s Bednyii poems about V.Lenin, act 4) (Maryan Koval, lyrics by Demyan Bednyii)
Sara Krylova, acc. Abram Dyakov (piano)26-02-1931
KPO (Mustrust, electric process)18673
Recorded blanks
Russian, English
1) Sophia Gadinae recites poems of American poets, 2) Favorite tunes (1) Стихи американских поэтов читает Софья Сайтан, 2) Любимые мелодии)
Софья Сайтан, оркестр (ГДР)Experimental Plant

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